3 Simple Solar Cooker Designs





Introduction: 3 Simple Solar Cooker Designs

Here are some easy designs of solar cookers I made and used.

It is easy to cook with concentrated solar light. You need however to wear sun glasses or you can use a paper mask with two holes to protect you from strong sun light.
Some important things:
1. You can use aluminum membrane that is used by builders on roofs. They put it below roof tiles - it is really easy to work with this material. It is strong and you can make different forms. You can find it in building supermarkets as Mr. Bricolage or Practiker.
2. You will need a glass container and then you put your pot or stew pan with the meal inside the glass container. It will provide high enough temperature.
3. The best design in my experiments was conical design.



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    Can I use part of a space blanket? Please get back to me. :)

    Hi! They are wonderfull. Thank you! If we use an antenna ( simple convex) and from the middle we stick 2 and2 cm mirrors, does it work? what do you think?


    Thanks for your project! I've modified the conical design and tried it out this summer. It turned out to be rather efficient. Going to post it soon.


    The reflective material is a plastic-aluminium membrane that is used on roofs, below the tiles. You probably can find it in markets for building materials. Here in Bulgaria I bought it in "Mr. Brikolage"

    What is the reflective material?

    Wonder if you could use a discarded satellite dish. I would think it is parabolic in shape. Would it collect enough sun to heat a dish? tkstaco

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    Old satelite dishes have been used for other solar heat generating projects wish great success. Someone attached old CDs to teh face of the dish and used it to set things on fire. Can be found on here somewhere. Forget what the name was.