Solar Cooking Blackened Seafood Parabolic Mirror Fresnel Lens




Introduction: Solar Cooking Blackened Seafood Parabolic Mirror Fresnel Lens

Using a large parabolic mirror and a Fresnel lens for solar cooking, this family recipe was completed in 20 minutes. The Fresnel Lens is used for top cooking in a black cast iron skillet. The shrimp and scallops are blanched in direct sunlight for a quick near blackening. The seafood is moved to the outer portion of the pan and the dark sauce is directly heated. The cooking area is lowered and the Fresnel Lens focal pattern is widened for a slower cooking and reducing of the sauce. The Alfredo sauce is bottom cooked in a cast iron skillet and is not exposed to direct sunlight because it is light in color. Once combined the seafood and Alfredo is mixed and allowed to simmer in direct sunlight as the contents are darker in color and absorb light.



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