Solar electric bike

Picture of Solar electric bike
This is how to convert a normal bike into an electric solar bike, all parts can be found in a model shop or ebay:
2  6V 0,3A solar panel in series
1 diode 1n5817
1 electric motor 270KV or lower, KV means rounds/(min Volts)
1 watt's up meter
2 10Ah 11,1V lipo batteries
1 Lipo charger
1 ESC 200A with BEC
1 Servo tester

The system work at about 12V because there are 3 cells, but i think it could also work with only 2 cells so at 7,2V, but the solar panel value should be changed.
After have fixed all parts with silicon on the bike and fixed the motor with nuts in a iron soldered support you should have something like this in pictures.
You could also charge the batteries with a normal lipo charger.
Hope you like it, have fun! :)
more info at
iadam35 months ago
Having a higher voltage on the panels is a good thing if you have a 7.2v charge controller you can turn the excess voltage in to a slightly higher amperage and charge @ 7.2-8v a bit quicker than trying to charge 12v with almost 12v from the panels in direct sunlight ?
suppamanIII (author)  iadam35 months ago

Yes, but charge controller's efficiency is less than 100% (even if is step down ) and don't forget does not exist single battery cells at 7,2V as does not exist solar cells at 7,2V so more cells you have more problems you have like unbalanced cells and hot spot in the panel

suppamanIII (author) 11 months ago
300mA, it depends on how much you use the bike
rimar200011 months ago
It seems that those solar panels aren't enough to power a bike, isn't?

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