How to make solar bread.

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Here's how I make my whole wheat bread. It's a quite a bit heavier than most breads, so often I add a few cups of regular white flour to help it rise more.  But here is the basic recipe for just whole wheat.
First I grind the hard red winter wheatberries in my solar grain grinder.
Could you make an instructible for connecting solar power to your grinder and other equipment?
@ betterways, yes I would be glad to. Give me a couple of days. Thank you.
Yes! Fresh Ground - Fresh Baked whole wheat bread does taste better than store bought. When I used to make bread, I used honey instead of sugar and added a little powdered milk to give it a little better color. A pat of butter on a whole wheat bread toast is a real taste of heaven. <br> <br>I noticed that you said that the bread sometimes falls. When I first started, it did the same. However I learned that if I shortened the last rise (the last one in the pan before you put it in the oven) it would rise correctly in the oven. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that when it doubles in size it uses up all of it's elasticity so that when it is in the oven the steam blows out the bubbles in the bread so that it collapses. <br> <br>It's more than worth the effort. <br> <br>Where did my bread pans go? Hmmm...
Thanks Joen,<br>Don't know if my reply got posted or not, but thank you for the good idea of a shorter last rise time. Will try that!<br>Nothing nicer than buttered whole wheat toast with a poached egg on it and some tabasco sauce....
thanks, great idea!
Awesome! Sounds like some great bread and a great way to cook it :)
Good recipe, thanks for sharing.

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