Solar kiln - with solar panel and revised for correct air circulation

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Step 6: Building the solar collector

Picture of building the solar collector
The solar collector is a salvaged metal roof that was spray-painted dark green.  All you graffiti artists likely know about the handle sold by Rustoleum but it makes spray painting much easier.

Speaking of graffiti, I have been very impressed with the work of Banksy; almost seemed like a precursor to the London riots.

I cut the metal panels to length using a metal cutting wheel on a 4.5 in grinder with lots of sparks.  Wear your safety glasses...always.

I installed a wooden lip on the back wall to support the top of the metal panels and created a 2 inch by 4 inch "shelf" with a back stop to support the base of the metal panels.  The metal panels rests on these shelves and can be removed if need be.

I left a 8 inch gap between the panels and the front wall for air flow.