Solar Powered LED Lamp Post





Introduction: Solar Powered LED Lamp Post

This is or was a natural gas lamp post that was no longer in use and was about to be taken to the local scrap yard.
1st step was to mount the base in a flower pot and put about 20 lbs of QuickCrete (R) in the pot. My initial plans where to later remove the pot, but after the concrete had dried, I decide to leave the flower pot, fill with dirt and put some type of plant/flower in it.
The single LED spot light was purchased at Lowes, for $12.
I had the "cracked ice white" lighting panel from a previous project.
With a hack saw, I sawed off the bracket that held the eagle and top ventilation cap.
Then removed the ground spike to the spot light and attached the spot light to one of the 4 remaining post that once held the top bracket.
Repainted the post gloss black, then sprayed the inside of the lamp area silver and found a reflector from an old flash light and placed it upside down over the old gas tube that once held the gas globes.
Then with a utility knife I cut the lighting panels and then installed them exactly as the old and busted glass panels would have been.
It does not light up the area, but the white panels light up nicely and can be easily seen from the road.



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    Very nice. I've been thinking about doing something like this. Can you tell what the light output of the led spotlight was? I've seen some of the light stakes with different light output ratings.

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    Thanks! On, I can't find any output ratings to this light. It's the single LED Floodlight. I think there is also a 3 LED spotlight available at Lowes.
    The "gas lamp" itself does not emit much area lighting.
    The white panels just have a nice bright glow from the spotlight.

    The solar cell came with the light.
    I did zero modifications to the light and/or solar cell.
    I just removed the ground spike.
    The solar cell will spin/rotate/pivot completely around to be mounted upside down

    I bought the single LED spot light at Lowes for $12.
    Then $4 for the 20 lbs of Quikrete.
    I paid $8 for the white light panel, from Lowes. (from a previous project)
    The old gas lamp post and flower pot where free.
    $4 x 2 for 2 cans of spray paint. (1 black and 1 silver)

    So the total amount was around $32

    I like your idea of the reflector... I have an old flashlight, so I will take your idea and add it to my own! Here's my original solar light lamp post mod:!/

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    Thanks and I like you idea for your lamp post as well.
    I'm going to be on the look out for something more reflective. I would like to find a pyramid shaped mirror to reflect the light in 4 directions

    That looks pretty cool. You might put the finished product as your main image to show people what it looks like all finished up, but other than that it looks great.

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