tired of buying batteries for your gamboy color? this should keep you from buying new batteries for a long time and all you need is a solar light from walmart or home depot, in my case i got it at my work (a grocery store). I've seen others do solar hand hels but i always thought it would be too hard or just not practical until i saw this video on how to make your own solar tv remote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UISgLcnXsz then i instantly thought... wow that looks really easy and cheap to do.

also i have been working on this instructable for over a month having to retake many pictures since i transition from an old treo phone to a new droid g2, so please rate this for all the work i've done.

NOW FEATURED ON HACK A DAY http://hackaday.com/2011/04/04/solar-powered-gameboy-color-never-runs-out-of-juice/


update, i just accidently ripped the solar pannel off the gameboy by mistake so in the meantime i think im going to buy a flexible panel to make it look less clunk and more durable


I just want to make it clear that i am in no way responsible if you some how break your gameboy, burn down your house with the soldering iron or electrocute yourself
<p>if you can get rid of 6 3-score 6 its kinda offensive</p>
Great Idea!
ya i brought this to pax east and i was blown away by every coming up to me asking wtf was on the back of it. hell i showed it to a vender and he begain passing it around to the entire booth showing his family lol.

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