Step 8: Put it together and test

Picture of put it together and test
now pop the shell back on carfully feeding out as much of the panels wire and making sure the 2 batter terminals fit in place.

if the shell wont fit figure out what is blocking it from closing , you may need to move the wires a little or make a notch in the shell by the batteries like i did, just make sure you dont take out to much or the batteries wont meet the contacts.

once it all fits pop 2 rechargeable batteries in and give it a test, if it still powers on, remove the batteries and then screw in all 6 tri wing screws. if it doesn't you may have crossed a wire or over heated the board.

now how i tested it to make sure it charged is i used up the power in the rechargeable batteries then l left  the gameboy in my window for about a full day and then tested it to see if the batteries charged.