Step 10: Step Nine

Picture of Step Nine
Now glue your solar panels and your battery holder to the wooden board.

Congratulations, you have made your own solar powered battery charger!
Just make sure that unless you have sunlight and are charging a battery, do not have the Battery in the holder. Otherwise it may lose its charge.
Could this be expanded for more than one battery say like up to 10 of them?

You could charge more batteries, but they would have to be in parallel...HOWEVER it would take much longer to charge all ten of them with the current setup of the solar array...which means that you would have to add more solar panels to the array.

You should add a blocking diode between the solar array and the battery to prevent the battery from discharging in low light or when there is no light. Nice project nevertheless!

Tornado916 years ago
This project doesn't need diode??
oops!! also different sizes aaa-d?