Step 9: Charge controller circuit diagram

Picture of Charge controller circuit diagram
Purpose of the charge controller circuit is to cutoff the supply from the solar panel when the battery is fully charged to avoid over charging... and to start charging when battery voltage drops off a certain value... in my case the max. allowed voltage is 13.7volts and min is 13volts.
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jrlavina6 months ago

great job. :) will you send the charge controller circuit diagram and all the details in thank you very much :)

RAVIRAJ2431 year ago

will you send mi 5 watt 6volt solar charger controlar on my mail id?

my mail id

RAVIRAJ2431 year ago

will you send mi 5 watt 6volt solar charger controlar on my mail id?

my mail id

Hi! Nice job. Can you please also send me the charge controller circuit diagram. I want to do something similar with a li-ion battery for an electric car project.

there is my e-mail:


naveen raj1 year ago

hi., i want to full details of motor for this projectt., our mail id is,

vivek271 year ago
will you please send the circuit diagram of 40 watt solar panel charge controller?? my mail id
hi farrukh nic projct plz let m inform which components is used in this??
gavindusl2 years ago
Hi. where i can find this charger controller circuit ?
gavindusl2 years ago
Dear friend where i can locate the circuit diagram or where i can but the PCB ??
Jbeaubrun3 years ago
Why did you use a 12V battery for a 24V motor?
RogerBays3 years ago
Hi. Great to see such a practical vehicle. What are all the battery and motor details?
The Mak3rs (author)  RogerBays3 years ago
thank you so much!... well i have mention the details in the above steps however.. batter is 12V 80AH and the motor is 24V 17amps DC
herreran3 years ago
Farrukh, consider also a regenerative braking when considering a speed controller. Good luck and success!!!
The Mak3rs (author)  herreran3 years ago
yea sure i will.... in my next project hopefully... :)
herreran3 years ago
Hi Farrukh,

Nice job!!! I was wondering, what did you use as a speed control? and what about stopping?


The Mak3rs (author)  herreran3 years ago
hi norberto,

Firstly Thank you very much secondly i used gear mechanism to change the speed of the vehicle...i was gonna use the circuit but due to shortage of the submission time i had o go with the gears ... and i used brakes to stop the vehicle.

Lazer_14 years ago
Hi; Nice build, vey nicely detailed pics. One small thing you might do for the battery: increase the max voltage to 13.8, this is the true fully charged voltage for these types of batteries.
Is the charge controller your design? or one from the web? seems very straight forward, do you have a link or schematic. Certainly got a vote from me :-) Keep up the good work!