Solar-powered pop-up paper house


Step 4: Under the roof

Picture of Under the roof
2013-01-31 16.58.09.jpg
2013-01-31 18.22.20.jpg
2013-01-31 18.29.44.jpg
After downloading the .pdf pattern, you will find that the hole in the first image cannot be found in the pattern. That is because I am not sure of what kind of LEDs you are using. So, the first step here is to cut out the holes according to the LEDs of your choice. The edge of the first rectangular hole, around 2mm x 3mm,  shall be around 5 mm from from the center fold line. The second hole shall be cut according to the separation between the two legs of an LED.

Now let's cut out the holes on the upper layer of the roof. The holes near the center fold line shall best be aligned with those on the inner layer for ease of connection. Those holes shall drift away from the center fold line for just a bit due to the paper thickness. Then, use the solar panel prepared in the last step to measure the separation between the two holes on the upper layer of the roof. Holes shall be directly under the first and last solar cell. In the photo attached, you can see that there is a shaded region between the 2 holes on one side of the upper roof. That shaded region corresponds to the second hole of the lower layer. You can then cut out a strip of copper tape of around 2-3 mm wide and connect the holes at the sides and at the shaded regions as shown in the photo. This can then be glued onto the lower roof with some random glue. Instant glue will do this just as well but emer's glue will certainly do a better job. 

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