Introduction: Solar Powered Recycled Full Size R2D2 Fully Functional

Picture of Solar Powered Recycled Full Size R2D2 Fully Functional


Using old appliances and old electrical items plus a few other house hold bits and pieces we created a Full size, full working model of R2D2 and added some improvements along the way. He can be seen on you tube by following this link

we took old washing machine drums to make the body, we needed the body to be strong as it supports everything else, legs, head, power cells, remote control equipment, audio, distribution circuits etc.

The head is reconstituted polystyrene painted 8 times with chrome paint then varnished 12 times with a clear yacht varnish. and it rotates on the bearing housing from one of the drums. the head rotates using an old 12 volt motor from a pool table. The twinkling square light on the head is an old slot machine button with 27 separate LEDS stuffed in side it. The legs are from old packaging and the feet are casters from an old freezer, the feet cover is from old plastic crisper boxes from a fridge. They are dressed up with smoke alarm covers.

The body sports 2 solar panels which charge the power cells and the graphics are cut from reflective safety tape, other parts include margarine lids, pate lids and old computer fan covers.

To make the R2D2 move we used an old electric golf trolley and rigged up a remote control to it.


peter---peter (author)2014-06-17

wow. just wow. great model!