This simple instructable will show you how to install a solar garden path light in a glass ceiling tile, to provide some evening light on your veranda.

Note: Since the roof I was working with is made of terra cotta tiles, I used a glass tile, designed to interlock with the terra cotta tiles, but if your roof is made of a different building material, you may consider using a sheet of plexiglass or skylight instead.

• Glass roof tiles
• Solar path lights
• Super glue

• A ladder

Step 1: Build a Veranda

I can only take credit for the concept for this veranda. All the credit for the construction goes to my 79-year old father-in law Moacyr, who pretty much singlehandedly constructed this veranda ( with a little help from his wife;-), which serves as a above ground bridge to connect our two houses. This is very convenient for moving from house to house at night, without having to walk through the backyard. It's also strategically located facing west, providing a wonderful view of the Brazilian sunset.
Cheer's voted for your instructable :D
nice no-nonsense job
Thanks Vincent! I hope I earned your vote in the '<a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/offthegrid/" rel="nofollow">Off the Grid</a>' contest;-)
how do I vote ?&hellip;
Vincent - You can click on the link I provided above to the 'Off the Grid&quot; contest, or click on &quot;Contests&quot; tab at the top of Instructables webpage and view entries. You'll see all the projects entered, with a button underneath to vote. Thanks again!
done <br>have a nice week end
Hi Winged Fist <br> <br>This is really a very good idea <br>and 5 stars worth! <br>Cheap Clever and easy to do. Congratulations to this pretty good light <br> <br>Cheers Aeon Junophor
Thanks Junophor! Do they use this type of roof tile in Germany? I would think it more a southern European thing? These tiles are great for keeping the sun and rain off you, but I imagine not too good at keeping out frost;-)<br> <br> PS Next time I'm down in Brazil, I hope to compliment these lights with something like your <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Emergency-light-with-steampunk-technology/" rel="nofollow">Emergency Light with Steampunk technolog</a>y, but with a solar panel to recharge the batteries.
Hi Winged Fist <br> <br>This type of roof tiles is very often used in Germany and Northern Europe, let me say nearly 95-99% of the roofs are made in this way. They are frost-resistent and such a tile lasts about 50 years. <br>So your idea will be copied very often I hope. <br> <br>Your idea to combine my emergency light with a solar powered charger is great. It will work very well ;-)) <br> <br>I do it in the same way but with a seperate selfmade solar-powerd charger (using as well a former solar powerd garden lamp) to keep the emergency light mobile. <br>Send a picture after finishing!! <br> <br>Cheers Aeon Junophor <br> <br>

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