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    Have you actually done this and got it to work?
    Why no actual photographs?


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    I'm still waiting on the parts. I know for sure it does work though.

    Right. The basic principle of the site is to show people how to do things like this. Please re-do it when you've got it together, and take plenty of pictures while you are putting it together.

    I would suggest that when you do, that you use a lens diffuser to spread the laser over the receiving panel, rather than just taking the dot there.


    [citation needed]

    You do understand that this process of yours only has a maximum of 4% efficiency, and probably much less, right? It's a cute idea to write up for the contest, but is not a practical power transfer method.

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    Yes I do realize that is one of the most innefficient things but it wasn't meant to be a practical device you can use. It was/will be meant to show that it can be done. Making it more efficient is up to whoever wants to actually try.

    Okay. It would be more honest to say that, especially in the conclusions where you suggest potential (but necessarily impossible due to the efficiency losses) applications.