lemonie (author)2011-04-18

Have you actually done this and got it to work?
Why no actual photographs?


cyborn95 (author)lemonie2011-04-18

I'm still waiting on the parts. I know for sure it does work though.

lemonie (author)cyborn952011-04-18

Right. The basic principle of the site is to show people how to do things like this. Please re-do it when you've got it together, and take plenty of pictures while you are putting it together.

I would suggest that when you do, that you use a lens diffuser to spread the laser over the receiving panel, rather than just taking the dot there.


kelseymh (author)cyborn952011-04-18

[citation needed]

kelseymh (author)2011-04-18

You do understand that this process of yours only has a maximum of 4% efficiency, and probably much less, right? It's a cute idea to write up for the contest, but is not a practical power transfer method.

cyborn95 (author)kelseymh2011-04-18

Yes I do realize that is one of the most innefficient things but it wasn't meant to be a practical device you can use. It was/will be meant to show that it can be done. Making it more efficient is up to whoever wants to actually try.

kelseymh (author)cyborn952011-04-18

Okay. It would be more honest to say that, especially in the conclusions where you suggest potential (but necessarily impossible due to the efficiency losses) applications.

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