Once the Golf Cart Welder was working well, the next step was to add solar power.

Here's Marko welding a giant sports car rotisserie using the solar welder.

These panels charge the cart at about 3 amps. Welding or driving draws up to 150 amps, but only in short bursts.
To my surprise I have to disconnect the panel after a day or two to keep from overcharging the pack. I probably only charge one day a week. I better add an inverter so I can power my office and other tools from this thing.

This thing is so damn cool you'll smile too much and hurt your face.
I probably should have put the cover back over the batteries before he started welding, cuz batteries can make hydrogen which can go pop.
You're smart kids, you can figure out other safety warnings for this thing.

Step 1: The Panels

A scrap dealer gave me a great deal on some badly weathered solar panels from the coast guard. He was on his way to his house in Zihuatanejo and was overloaded. Also he wanted to do us a favor. Thank you kind sir!

To my surprise most of the panels worked okay and the seagull poop cleaned off pretty well, althought the aluminum frames were pretty corroded.
These are 20 watt panels that produce an open-circuit voltage of about 18 volts. That's about right for a 12 volt battery, which is what they were made for. We wired up three of them to charge the 36 volt golf cart battery bank. Then I wired another three the same way to double the amperage. I tried them all in series, but it didn't work nearly as well. Only about half as many amps flowed.
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<p>Holy crap that is a dangerous setup in the picture you have. Hydrogen gas, open batteries and sparks. </p>
and or jump starter cable in the automotive repair. AAA uses them alot
<em>I probably should have put the cover back over the batteries before he started welding, cuz batteries can make hydrogen which can go pop.</em><br/><br/>Wouldn't it be safer to leave the cover off? By leaving it on, you concentrate the hydrogen in one place, and a stray spark bouncing into the box could ignite it. By leaving it open, the gas can rapidly rise away, and any breeze will disperse it.<br/><br/>Our electric truck has a camper shell over the bed and batteries, and when charging we always open the rear window to vent any hydrogen. We feel that we should try to catch it and install a fuel cell to extend the range.<br/>
Well, I'm not an expert, but...<br/>The reason why your lead-acid batteries produce hydrogen, is because your over-charging the battery, or not, just by charging it normally, it creates hydrogen gas, over-charging produces more <strong>H</strong> in less time. Over-charging &quot;EATS&quot; your batteries.<br/><br/>As for the fuel cell, it won't do anything but subtract from your <strong>MPG</strong> <br/>It might work but it will waste more energy then it produces<br/><br/>Your Welcome!<br/>
When charging <em>any</em> non-sealed lead-acid battery pack, hydrogen will be vented. Ours vent more than most because we are using a very crude Lester charger, which just dumps in a bunch of electricity, then cuts the amperage as the batteries charge.<br/><br/><sub>And I was joking about the fuel cell. They're useful in spacecraft, but pretty dumb in cars.</sub><br/>
actuualy u can convert a car over to using hydrogen as a primary fuel source an get better fuel miles than gas ever will.
what if a piece of hot slag hit the battery? i thing i would rather leave the cover on than leave it off and wait and see what happenes.
Hmm... I think it may be time for a "pimp my golf cart" contest! ;-)
I'm in!! My golf cart needs pimping. Wish I had one of the old Harley Davidson or Cushman golf carts.
I have one of the extended bed Cushmans with the 40mph transmissions in it. it was one at a navy aquatic complex used for launching boats in the water so it is blue. the engine is out of it because I have to put in the new clutch my dad got for it and then I have to redo the brake lines because they are old, brittle, and leaked break fluid all over our garage floor without us knowing when we put it up on jack stands to unbolt the engine. it is a 2 story garage me and my dad built so we didn't notice the break fluid for a while. amazingly, a couple months later when it is totally dry, Oildry still managed to remove most of it.:)
convert it to be fully electric an or hybrid set up. if yr smart uill be able to figure it out.
That's awesome. I wish I had one. Is yours a 3 wheeler?
Wish i had a golf cart in the first place...
The batteries on mine are dead, and I'm thinking about using the motor for a hybrid or electric project.
Really cool idea!!! Keep it up!! And the link to the 3$ alternator thing is broken, it took me to some irrigation thing?!?!
can i know what is the voltage for this welder and did u use any transformer to step up the voltage?
Hi As far as your unplugging the panels every couple of days, you need to pickup a little charge controller to run your panels into. John
Even though I am REAL CHEAP, just to keep down the hastle, you might google for a 'DCBattery Charge Controller' or similar. You size it about 30% larger than the BATTERIES you are using in VA and get the one (or a multi-volt one) for the number of volts coming in. ... Now whenever your buggy is in the sun, and the batteries need charging they get it without over charging. Or at least that is the concept. Great instructable, ... And I have a 2x4ft fresnel lens, neat toy, but sets fires easily :)
where did you get the fresnel lens? i totally whant one. or, how did you get it, or what did it come off of?
you are the amazing king of bike innertubes,just use them in thr golfcart
Aww, I thought you were going to get a huge lens and... Well you get the point.
Anyone done the calculations for that? I'd buy that for a dollar!
solar golf cart! I'm building one as we speak! I will use a charge controller though. The solar panels you are using, I've seen the same type on ebay for $$$!! Those are excellent panels for golf cart applications. The Gov't just throws stuff away!!
<em>It's the same connector used on some computer battery backup systems. I scavenged one of those plugs to make plugging and unplugging the panel easier.</em><br/><br/>That's Ironic, it's called an <em>Anderson</em> connector.<br/><br/>
Of course, <em>everybody</em> knows that this will be sent to me...<br/><br/>Just kidding. :-)<br/><br/>+5/5 stars.<br/>
Even tim's getting in on the mother son act!?!
i was hoping for something like the solar oven or solar lighter. with a huge metallic dish that would focus so much light into the middle that it could weld metal
awwww, I thought you meant you used a fresnel lens to weld stuff together
..wow... umm... ? that has to be one of the coolist odd things iv ever seen :-) haha cause when you think welder you dont think solar powered off a golf cart xD

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