this is a simple project about

building a solarbotic

we use 7pcs of bpw34 silicon photocell,each of them can provide about 0.53V voltage and 1.8mA current,that is very small,right? so we use a Circuit called "solar engine",to Storage electric energy,and a Voltage trigger(HT7027A) to detect the Capacitive voltage ,when it reach 2.7V,the trigger will out put a “High level”,so it Trigger the entire circuit, start discharging,the Motor and led start working.Repeat this process

most steps are the same with this project


the only difference is the mechanical system,yes,and

More than a buzzer

Step 1:

this is step1(but not really step1,in fact,it maybe step10 for this project,i am too lazy too edit the

Repeat steps)

Welding element plz Reference resources https://www.instructables.com/id/Diy-Simple-Solarbo...

this step we assemble chassis

the 4 copper pillars use super glue to Stick to the correct position on the plastic board.becareful,dont Get the glue out of the place.

Gear combination(Don't be too tight!)

Step 2: The Capacitance

the 4700uf CAP use for Stored energy

the foot on left is"+",the right foot "-"

Use pliers to foot bent into shape like the picture

Step 3: Solar Panels

if you already read https://www.instructables.com/id/Diy-Simple-Solarbo...

and finish the Solar panels

now this step we put it on the "-" foot of the CAP(7 solar pannels Series connection,their "-" to the cap ‘-’ )

the diode connect the “+” of the CAP and the “+” of the solar panels In order to prevent backflow

Step 4: Solar Engine Board

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