Introduction: Solder BQ

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If you want to make an indoor BBQ but can't make a fire, here's the answer.

An In-Dorm BBQ

i got the idea from the Bitty Q made by Mike Hacks

Step 1: Gather Items

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  • soda can
  • coat hanger
  • small hinge
  • 4 small screws and nuts ( 2 not shown)
  • 1 medium screw and nut (not shown)
  • 4 long bolts and nuts

Step 2: Cut Can

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  1. Make a line about 2/3 through so that the bottom half is bigger
  2. The edges are rough so cut some off
  3. decide which is the front and bend over a bit
  4. In the end where the iron will be placed (soda can bottom)
  5. make cuts and bend in for the iron to rest on

Step 3: Legs

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  1. Make 4 holes for the bolts supporting it to go through
  2. put the bolts through and screw on the nut

Step 4: Hinge

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  1. mark where the screws will go (on the top and bottom)
  2. put them in, and screw on the nuts (on the top and bottom)
  3. add Medium screw for handle

Step 5: Grill

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bend the coat hanger into a similar shape to this to fit on your grill (The king of random has a template for his Bitty Q in his mike hacks)

Step 6: Turn on and Enjoy

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Put your soldering iron in, turn it on, and start Grilling

Enjoy! Please vote for me


Wired_Mist (author)2015-01-23


Nice Re-use :P

Makersauce (author)Wired_Mist2015-02-01

i see you are aware as well HAHAHA but great ible tho

Thatonepercent (author)2015-01-27

Wouldn't the lead fumes still get into your food? In class they have us solder in fume hoods or while wearing masks.

Cool idea! I guess you would just have to clean the soldering iron really really well or risk lead poisoning :/

amberrayh (author)2015-01-23

This is a nifty little project. Thanks for sharing! Have you done any barbecuing on it? Any concerns about residual lead on the soldering iron?

ed shtern (author)amberrayh2015-01-25

i am not really concerned about the solder because of two reasons, one being that you can rub off whatever you can on your sponge, and two being that it's never actually touching the food

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