This is a simple stained glass picture necklace. Great for giving or selling...

If you do plan to sell some, talk with your local bead store owners and work out an agreement. For something this size, expect to get $6 a piece. A good way to come up with a price would be to ask the owner what he/she would sell it for, and cut it in half (50 50). Also use local pictures if you live in a tourist town. Good $$ to fuel your projects!

Oh, and don't kill yourself with the soldering iron.

Step 1: What You Need


2) Lead free plumbing solder

3) Copper foil tape. Get it at crafty places that sell stained glass stuff, it's for stained glass.

4) lead FREE plumbing flux

5) Thin copper sheeting or wire for the loop.

6) Some kind of clamp and a pair of pliers.

7) Microscope slides.

Glass cutter.

Don't let your soldering iron get black like this!&nbsp; Use a wet sponge to wipe it clean frequently.&nbsp; A piece of brass tubing can also be used for the bale...easier than forming that roll of metal!&nbsp; I make picture frames like this often and use alcohol to clean the flux off. It's got a waxy base that's hard to remove completely.&nbsp; Then use paste wax to protect the whole thing.&nbsp; Hope this is useful...I make a living doing stained glass.<br />
&nbsp;Hmm, irons are so cheap these days that I let mine get pretty bad...LOL<br /> Steined glass? I have a question: I have come to own about 10 rolls of lead came and about $200 worth of colored glass sheets (bought in the 1970's by some relatives, and stored unused in the basement). I want to make steined glass, but I don't know if the lead came is safe. What do you think?
<br /> Good irons are NOT cheap!!!&nbsp; Not at my house...<br /> Yes I think the came will be just fine!&nbsp; Be sure to stretch it before use. Have you taken a class in stained glass....would be advisable!<br />
&nbsp;So lead came is ok? The iron you see in this 'ible is my junk one. I have a great big iron&nbsp;for doing steined glass.
The loop thingy that holds the pendant to the chain or cord&nbsp;is called a &quot;bail.&quot;<br /> Looks like the Avatar?
Its avatar! yay i win. where are my Kudos? &nbsp;
Hi! I love your project &amp; plan on gathering the stuff to make it this week...<br /> wanted to let you know that this 'fancy loop thing' is called a 'bale' :)<br /> thanks!<br />
So it's a bale! I would have never known! ty!<br /> <br /> If you ever need anything in this 'ible, or need any assistance, I would love to help you!<br />
&nbsp;This is cool!&nbsp;:D&nbsp;Plus, Avatar is a great movie.
Yay! I loved Avatar! It was the most epic movie ever!!!!!!!<br />
At first I&nbsp;didn't know what to expect really, and I&nbsp;hadn't seen any previews or anything for it so I&nbsp;was kinda like &quot;Ehh...&quot;&nbsp;when one of my friends asked if I&nbsp;wanted to go see it. But then like not very far through it I&nbsp;was like &quot;Woah, this is &nbsp;such an awsome movie!&quot;&nbsp;
It's the greatest! I liked the end, where AVATAR was displayed across the screen along with the tribal-drumbeat.<br />
Yeah! That was a cool part. I&nbsp;liked all the glowy plants and stuff too :D&nbsp;
Me too. I liked the glowing plants so much, I bought some GLOnation Aqua colored Phosphorescent powder. It's europium based, so it glows JUST&nbsp;LIKE&nbsp;IN&nbsp;THE&nbsp;MOVIE for up to <em>12 hours</em>. It came in the mail yesterday...and it is beyond epic. I just charge it with a lamp, and it lights up my room at night (the whole night).<br /> <br /> When I started making stuff with in, it got ALL&nbsp;OVER&nbsp;my desk. Now when it gets dark, my desk lights up like the forests in Pandora... except messier. <br />
Dude!! That's so cool! Where did you get it?&nbsp;
&nbsp;GLOnation.com<br /> i bought the aqua and the green. Aqua is the coolest&nbsp;because&nbsp;it's the same shade as the Na'vi's face glow-dots.<br /> <br /> <br /> more&nbsp;specifically:<br /> <a href="http://www.glonation.com/glow-powder.html" rel="nofollow">www.glonation.com/glow-powder.html<br /> <br /> <br /> </a>
&nbsp;It's Neytiri from Avatar
&nbsp;Its Jake. Doesnt have enough eye lashes to be Neytiri, and also her brow curves downward on the outersides.<br /> <br /> ;) Nice Instructable.<br />
You got it! LOL thanks. :)<br />
With only 46 views, I guess people like explosions better O.o<br />
Nope!<br />
Don't forget to rate if you like!<br />

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