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A friend of mine once said that it was impossible to solder with just one hand. I had to prove them wrong.

For this I used:

Soldering Iron with stand
Electronic Component

First, collect solder with the iron, then deposit it onto a lead of a component. 

Again, collect solder with the iron, then deposit it onto a wire. This is called "tinning" I have made a "tinned lead" on my switch, and a "tinned wire".

Lastly, I stacked my tinned wire onto my tinned lead and depressed the soldering iron down onto both. This make a little molten solder sandiwch. 

Remove the iron and allow to cool.


tankapotamus (author)2015-03-02

That's kinda funny! I only have one hand and I solder every day.

PeterT113 (author)tankapotamus2017-03-18

i am a RAE amputee and i am having big trouble soldering.

Build_it_Bob (author)2014-12-06

Great talent , but I hate chasing parts around! I am a 3rd hand or mac-tac holder guy.

Tinning both pieces always seems to work well. Soldering is an art ...if you want to do it relably anyway.



ronhenderson65 (author)2014-01-21

I just wish that I had two hands, soldering would be much easier.

john5247 (author)2013-11-03

Yes but, Tinning the part and the wire has just used up the flux in the multicore flux solder. True one handed solderists, solderisers? soldiers? then go on to put new flux from a little tub they have handy onto the tinned parts. Then you can move a molten blob of lead on the end of the iron and actually make a good electrical or jewellerical joint.

Personally I just hold the part with my pinky, ring finger and thumb and the solder with my middle finger and forefinger - all in my left hand. You don't even need a soldering iron with this method - it just melts under the force of your willpower.....

WrshpMzshn (author)2013-03-27

Bless yo' lil heart. I often wish I had three hands for soldering. This should make it easier.

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