Introduction: Solder-less Solar Panel

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Various voltages depending on how you string these together, series, parallel or both

Simple, no soldering

Items needed:

1) Broken Photo-voltaic chips: available via Google search, hobby suppliers

2) Aluminum foil

4) Acrylic covered blank page from a photo album

4) Duct tape

5) Two small pieces of wire

6) Volt Meter for testing output

The secret is in the duct tape. Tape top side first. Pull down hard on clear plastic while using duct tape to secure bottom, right and left sides. The pressure connects the foil to top and bottom (positive and negative) sides of PV chips

Will drive small motors and fans to teach DC voltage to yourself or children

Not for outdoors (long term). Moisture and condensation will effect conductivity.

Step 1: Items Needed - Simple

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Rudimentary knowledge of basic electricity concepts and DC voltage

Ability to use a voltmeter to test output of DC voltages and amperages


Step 2: Solder-less Solar Panel

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Another example - positive side = right, negative side = left


dasimpson1981 (author)2015-01-25

if you use the conductive glue like i said you can just over lap the panels

GregRank (author)dasimpson19812015-01-26

Thanks for the tips!

dasimpson1981 (author)2015-01-25

also use a glass cutter to try and make them as much as possible the same size

dasimpson1981 (author)2015-01-25

use finer stips so you dont cover as much of the surface also mic some graphit filings from a pencil to supler glue to make conductive glue

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