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Introduction: Soldering Assistant

NEW!: I have added the adjustable base, so whether you're fine soldering on surface parallel to your bench top, or you prefer to have your board at an angle, this can accommodate your needs! stay tuned, fume extra will be done soon!

The soldering assistant is a project idea I had to have my soldering supplies conveniently in one spot. The Solder spool holder is close to the work area to have a read supply of solder to feed directly from the spool. The soldering assistant also features and adjustable vise to hold your projects securely as you assemble them. Just behind the work area is a parts bin, to put your resistors, capacitors, IC's tweezers or other supplies. Side "fins" make it possible to make custom add-ons that can just snap into place.  The only part that isn't printable through a 3d printer is the center threaded rod that moves the base, this is a 1/4" threaded rod that can be purchased at any local hardware store. 2 hex nuts are also required, one that fits into the moving side of the platform, and one on the stationary side. This is an entry for the "Make it real Challenge" contest. If you like the design, please vote, Thanks.

The angled platform can be added as an accessory, or use the Soldering assistant without this accessory as shown in the gallery pictures. The adjustable platform pivots on a pin at the front of the base. At the rear of the base is a "C" shaped channel that also pivots, and there is a T-shaped cylinder the rides the inside of this channel. To adjust the height, the user would simply have to tilt the platform forward, lining up the position holes on the C channel, then insert the pin through the C channel and into the T cylinder. There is one on each side of the platform for stability. No more hunching over to work on your PCB's! This allows you to work in a more comfortable position. Special thanks to those who commented and suggested an angled platform!



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    This looks like a very helpful little device. Unfortunately, you have limited its fabrication to those who use 3-D printers and specialized software. For the rest of us Old School makers, PDF drawings of the parts would be useful. Or, if you don't mind, I can create the Old School Instructible for building it, since I'm going to have to build it that way, anyways.

    If you would like to create an old school instructable based of this design, you are welcome to do so. This was actually designed for the make it real contest, which is why it is specifically for 3d printers, but having another method of fabrication would be nice for those who would like to make one but don't have access to a 3d printer. I look forward to seeing your instructable.


    i love this, but i'm having some serious scale issues. Could i print the "SA_w_adjustable_STL.STL" as it is? I am trying to load the individual pieces into cura but like I said I'm not sure how to scale them since they come in either way too big or tiny

    this was modeled in an older version of 3ds max, which had some scaling issues. if it comes in too small, scaling up by 10 should do the trick

    im making a portable one with some added features but unfortunately im not making an instructables on it

    Very clean and neat! I made one which is not as professional as yours but has the added feature of holding all the components in place on the board: Easy PCB holder

    The stl export tied all the parts together. I would love to have all the individual parts files (in stl, please) as I don't have a way to break it down. Thanks, Rocky

    files have been uploaded in zip format

    Thank you! Now, when I can get access to a 3d printer, I can make this. I don't know how I get by without it.