Soldering Helping Hands From Junk




Introduction: Soldering Helping Hands From Junk

Do you want to make a nice pair of soldering helping hands from JUNK?

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a base. I used a piece of steel from a broken computer monitor because it has two pre drilled screw holes. You can also use a wooden base. You also need two short sections of solid copper wire. You also need two small binder clips.

Step 2: Prepare Your Wire

Strip a short section on one end of the copper wire. Bend it into a loop. Repeat for the other section of wire. Use this loop to screw your wire to the base.

Step 3: Clips

Pass the wire through both ends of your binder clip, then bend the wire around to secure the clip.

Step 4: Use It

Be careful not to bend the wire too much or else you may snap it.



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