Introduction: Soldering Iron Stand Made From U-pins

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If you have soldering iron and don't have a Stand for it or want cool diy stand made with help of soldering iron and U-pins this is how you can. And when don't have a keep a soldering iron then you keep it like show piece.There are many and different soldering irons out, so will need do slight change according to your soldering iron.

Things Required : -

1) Soldering iron

2) U- pins (35 mm)

3) Soldering Wire

4) Super Glue

5) Epoxy Adhesive

6) Crocodile Clip (Optional)

7) Plier

Step 1: The Front Part

Picture of The Front Part

Take 2 U-pins. And then with the help plier bend the top part of the upin as shown in the above picture. Then pull and bend the upin with plier. Pull the one with the shorter end outwards. Do the same thing another u-pin also. Now you will be having two pins and u-pins should stand just like the above picture. Measure your soldering iron's width of the holding position and now with the help your finger join both the u-pins and place your soldering iron on it and check whether the soldering iron is not falling down. Adjust the width of the u-pins according to your soldering width. Once its perfect measure the width of the pins. Now with the help the crocodile pin join both u-pins as per the measurement to solder them together. Now solder both the parts together with soldering wire. And place the soldering iron and make sure its tip should not touch the table surface. And if it's touching bend its legs and adjust it. The front and the main part is complete.

Step 2: Base Support

Picture of Base Support

Take another u-pin. Pull it out and straighten it up with plier from the both sides. Cut excessive part and make both ends symmetrical and it will look like rectangle with one empty side. You can decrease or increase the length of the ends according to your soldering iron. Then solder it with front part that you made earlier. It might be tricky to do solder it, so sand the part where the ends solder before soldering with sandpaper.

Step 3: Height

Picture of Height

Take 2 u-pins and bend them and straighten them with plier. Cut a piece of u-pin according to your iron's handle width. But the size of the piece that is shown in above picture will be okay for most of the irons. Then solder all the three pieces and making triangular shape. Take a u-pin clip with it and place in the middle of the front part, just like the above picture and the adjust the height of it. And make sure that soldering iron's tip isn't touching table surface. Once everything is okay, solder it with front part. Now's its nearly done.

Step 4: Apply Weight

Picture of Apply Weight

Take m-seal or araldite or any other epoxy adhesive. Take out hardener and resin on equal proportion and make two balls of them. Mix them properly. Make 2 cuboids of them and you can even use measuring scale for shaping them. I kept edges rounded. Then stick them to the legs in front. Let them dry until they are hard. Now your Soldering Iron Stand made from U-pins is complete. Use a superglue or hot glue gun apply soldered areas for better durability. And if are not able epoxy adhesive use two rectangular eraser instead. And if your soldering is heavy you can apply weight to base part also. You can also paint epoxy if you want. You may need to change the design little according to your soldering iron. You can make bigger than this if your soldering iron big with metal wire. And when its not in use you keep as showpiece on your desk. And that's it the Stand is complete. ENJOY!!


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