Hello, I have a couple soldering irons, but no stand; I occasionally solder various stuff and i seem to always be using a make-shift, unsafe items to hold the iron.... When I saw this challenge it prompted me to build a stand out of wire. This is my first instructable, so any constructive critisism who be appreciated! Thanks!

This is a Soldering iron stand made out of 18 AWG wire.

Items you will need

- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Saftey glasses
- 18 AWG wire or larger.... it needs to be uninsulated wire!
- Ruler or alternate measuring devise
- A couple of heavy duty pliers
- optional ... a handy vise with alligator clips
- Wire cutters

Step 1: How to Straighten the Wire!

First off the wire needs to be straight. Do the following in order to achieve this!

- Cut off a couple feet of wire
- Grip one end of the wire with pliers, then wrap the wire around the pliers a couple times
- Then do the same thing with the other end of the wire and other set of pliers
- Put one end on the ground and stand on it
- Grab the other end with both hands and pull hard
- You will actually feel the wire stretch a little bit
- At this point you now have made the wire straight
<p>Hi, I've added your project to the <em style="">&quot;</em><em style="">Beginners Guide to Soldering</em><em style="">&quot;</em> Collection</p><p>This is the link If you are interested:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginners-Guide-to-Soldering/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginners-Guide-to...</a></p>
<p>First Instructable!</p>
<p>wanted to try this out so i made a quick and dirty one :P but the things you can make with a wire and a solder are almost infinite!! GJ!</p>
what brand of soldering iron is that it looks good <br>
this is very useful for me and good project<br>
wow... if only i had a soldering iron stand while making this..
Nice. This reminds me of my high-school electronics course. Our first project was to make a cube 3&quot; on a side with just 14 gauge copper wire. Our teacher stressed that normally you would twist the wires together to make a sound mechanical joint, but this was a test of measuring and soldering.<br><br>He did show us how to straighten the wire. One end went in a vice and the other went into a hand powered drill. You would stretch the wire taut and then twist it with the drill a bit.<br><br>He did tell us how much each length had to be made, but give us rulers and told us we would have to measure wire thickness. <br><br>He also gave us a demo on how much solder a corner joint should have, and our grade was based on the measurements. He expected far less solder at the joints, but yours are not excessive.
wow nice project, so simple yet effective<br>and this is like a textbook example of what an 'ible should look like<br>neat photos and clear step by step instructions!
Commercial stands look like the one on the right. The one on the left I made before I got my stand, but I made it to resemble a commercial model. Works just like one too.
Right on.... I just made it for the &quot;wire&quot; contest! This is the one I have at work! Its a really nice Hakko.
I think I can see the resemblance.
Nice job! I guess now the key is not to let the hot part of the iron touch any of the soldered joins!

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