Finding my soldering gun is easy, but I'd always have to dig around for the solder.  Here's a quick and simple way to insure you have everything you need at the work space, whenever you pick your soldering gun up to use.

Step 1: Materials

Besides a soldering gun (Mine's a Weller, but I'm sure you can modify this to work with other guns as well) a sewing bobbin, a 1-5/8" drywall screw, a philips screwdriver and about a foot of solder.

The most difficult part of this project will be distracting your wife long enough to get the bobbin.  My method was to point at something behind her and say "What's that?", but you can use any technique you'd like, including taking her out to dinner.
Good idea, thanks for sharing it.
Thank you.
I agree that is a wonderful idea I'll have to try that also as I have a lot of bobbins around that aren't being used. Thank you so much for seeing the &quot;Obvious&quot; and sharing it with the rest of us.<br>Keep up the good work.<br>Dan
Thank you Dan. I used to surf Instructables when researching to see if anyone had pre-thought any of my ideas before filing patent applications. Now that I'm retired and no longer trying to protect my ideas, I'm discovering Instructables is a great place to share them. I hope I don't disappoint you.
<p>Wow. What a great attitude!. Thank you bfk.</p><p>Jim</p>
Nice idea - makes me wanna shoot myself for not thinking of it as I struggle with a mere two hands to do a job needing at least three!
Thanks for the compliment, but please don't hurt yourself (I know you're joking... At least I hope you are).

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