I use this for soldering small surface mount chips on DIP sized brake out boards.

Rosin pen
Solder paste in a syringe style dispenser. Low melting point paste is a plus.
Tweezers, the sharp point style
A chip holder made from a block of wood and a springy wire and a conductive surface.
Heat gun
Magnifying glass
Sewing pin or needle tool

Step 1: Prepare the Chip Holding Device

Drill a small hole in a block of wood and bend a wire with some spring in it in a U shape. Make it so when stuck in the hole it applies pressure downward onto the surface of the block. Attach a metal surface for static control. I used a copper adhesive peace. With adhesive copper eventually the heat it will effect the adhesive and some staples will help to keep it in place. Sometimes the board your working on wants to move around so staples can also be used to create an edge preventing lateral movement.
nice. you might get better results and less clean up if you run a bead of solder paste, in stead of smearing it all over. lay the bead where the toe of the contacts meet the pads. There is a great series of instructional videos from PACE INC. on YouTube about surface mount soldering. Keep up the good work.
For me the bead of paste works fine on 0.95 pitch SMD chip leads but not on the smaller 0.5 pitch MSOP chips as in the examples I used. I could not get a bead thin enough on these MSOP chips. Even this small bead flooded the aria when melting thus shorting the pins. This could be because my paste syringe has to thick a orifice but I think is is not much different from other syringes. Smearing the paste was necessary to get such a small dab of paste across all lands and after it melted it pulled off the space between lands just fine. The shape of the distribution of the paste on the board (bead or smear) seems irrelevant, what is important is not having to much paste. Another idea may be that if the lands are longer they may accommodate winking up the larger volume of solder. In the end if the solder blobs up between lands then less paste is worth a try.

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