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Introduction: Soldering Station for 3D Makers

Hello :)

This is my first very instructables, for this instructables you will need a 3D printer and this files and other objects.

Step 1: Light - Assembly and Soldering

For the light you will print:

  • Solder Station - Luce-1.stl
  • Solder Station - Top Luce-1.STL

the materials:

  • some screws
  • wires
  • switch
  • a led or a bulb led
  • 2 copper plates
  • battery 3 cells AG10


  1. soldering wires at the copper plates, bulb led and switch.
  2. insert into the slots the copper plates.

Step 2: Finally Assembly All Pieces and Attach All Objects

  1. put light with a glue into slot of soldering station.
  2. put the sponge and the cheap stainless steel pad for cleaning your solder.
  3. Solder Station is finished :)

Thanks :)



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    cool! Nice to have everything in one place!

    I've been told not to use stainless steel to clean the tips and that's why the sell them with brass. Is it ok to use stainless steel?

    1 reply

    Yes, I don't have any problem with stainless steel, but brass pad in my opinion is the best solution. Unfortunately in my country, i don't find a brass pad.