Introduction: Soldering Station for 3D Makers

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Hello :)

This is my first very instructables, for this instructables you will need a 3D printer and this files and other objects.

Step 1: Light - Assembly and Soldering

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For the light you will print:

  • Solder Station - Luce-1.stl
  • Solder Station - Top Luce-1.STL

the materials:

  • some screws
  • wires
  • switch
  • a led or a bulb led
  • 2 copper plates
  • battery 3 cells AG10


  1. soldering wires at the copper plates, bulb led and switch.
  2. insert into the slots the copper plates.

Step 2: Finally Assembly All Pieces and Attach All Objects

Picture of Finally Assembly All Pieces and Attach All Objects
  1. put light with a glue into slot of soldering station.
  2. put the sponge and the cheap stainless steel pad for cleaning your solder.
  3. Solder Station is finished :)

Thanks :)


patsheldon (author)2015-06-22

cool! Nice to have everything in one place!

radznjason2011 (author)2015-06-14

I've been told not to use stainless steel to clean the tips and that's why the sell them with brass. Is it ok to use stainless steel?

andysus (author)radznjason20112015-06-17

Yes, I don't have any problem with stainless steel, but brass pad in my opinion is the best solution. Unfortunately in my country, i don't find a brass pad.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-14

Nice soldering station

Thanks :)

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