Step 2: Solder the object to the large piece of metal

Picture of Solder the object to the large piece of metal
Prepare your object for soldering, commander.

Tin the leads / wire you are going to solder onto the wire.
Once again, don't be afraid to use a lot of solder; Solder IS your only friend that enjoys getting poked with a soldering iron.

Once tinned, tin the tip on your soldering iron, leave a good glob of solder on the tip.

Swipe your iron tip, glob facing down, over the solder patch on the piece of metal.
You want to get some solder onto the solder on the metal, and make sure that when you finish the solder that you just put on is shiny. If it isn't shiny, torch it until it is and try again.

Now, hold the lead / wire over the new, shiny patch of solder and again swipe your soldering iron over the lead / wire, pushing down slightly. The solder that you recently put onto the patch should melt and merge with the solder on the lead / wire.