Soldering is the cornerstone skill of many electronics projects and we certainly have plenty of great soldering tutorials, custom solder tips, tools and hacks, and great ideas on Instructables that will take even the expert's soldering skills to the next level. Use this guide to learn how to wire it up, solder it up, and make your next project, bleep, blink, tick, spin, shoot and fly.

How to Solder style
This guide focuses on soldering for the beginner and explains how you can solder a variety of components using a few different techniques - from the classy to the downright caveman. Although soldering...
Third Hand++: A multi-use helping hand for electronics and other delicate work. style
In the past I've used the third hands/helping hands available at chain electronics shops and have been frustrated with their usability. I could never get the clips exactly where I wanted them or it t...
DIY Hot Air Soldering Iron style
Also Available on my website Charper's Hot Air Soldering Iron An easy DIY project on a college student budget This project stemmed from the desire to remove (and perhaps one day re-solder) surface m...
Toaster Oven Reflow Soldering (BGA) style
Doing solder reflow work can be expensive and difficult, but thankfully there exists a simple and elegant solution: Toaster Ovens. This project shows my preferred setup and the tricks that make the p...
Guide to field Soldering style
This is a kit that will allow you to do many soldering tasks in the field, cost about $8.00, and it all fits in an Altoids tin! I've used this same set of stuff for years now and was inspired to shar...
What not to do when soldering style
I'll be describing as many ways as I can think of on what not to do when your soldering.
Soldering tips and tricks style
tips and tricks to keep your soldering fun and frustration free!Visit my site at electronic projects(http://elec.projects.googlepages.com/home)If you enjoy this instructable please digg it!
Soldering underneath chips style
I recently had to design a device that used a chip with a heatsink underneath the body of the chip. This heatsink had to be both electrically and thermally connected to the PCB. Typically these devic...
Solder Fume Extractor style
I finally got tired of breathing solder fumes and made an ultra-low tech solder fume extractor. "Professional" versions of this device can be had for ~$100-$200 (for an example, see http://www.zeph.co...
Soldering Station style
Wait, so why are soldering iron holders, helping hands, and solder dispensers not bundled together? I work all over the room/house/town and don't want to have to rummage about, looking for helping h...
Window-mounted solder fume extractor (not just for RVs!) style
This is my solution for solder fume extraction for my home (RV) workbench. It uses a dryer hose, a computer fan, and some insulation board to make a removable solder venting system that blows fumes ou...
Intro into SMD Soldering style
Many people here might think SMD is impossible since the pins are so small and solder wants to cling onto every pin but it actually is very easy. This will teach you the basics of SMD Soldering if you...
Wiring Pen style
Attach a spool of wire and a hypodermic needle to a ball point pen barrel to make an aid to make point-to-point wiring easier to do. The board shown is a microprocessor system board with a 8085, 2764 ...
DIY Cold Heat soldering iron style
Or, how I learned to love the ohm. Ohm, .. ohm. get it? its an electrical joke.. see.. never mind. Yes folks, you too can make your own Cold Heat soldering iron!Why spend $19.95 of your own hard earne...
Ultimate Soldering Station Platform style
Ever since I got my soldering Iron I've been using a old rusty pan to do my work in. I rather do soldering inside because its nice and cool. I live in the desert so its crazy to solder during the sum...
Soldering Fume Extractor style
I'm just getting into home projects, but after doing a few I decided breathing flux fumes probably wasn't too good for me or my kids. I could just buy one (prices range from ~$40 to well over $100), b...