Picture of Solderless USB extender
Knowledge about electricity is required. Get an expert to help if you are the least bit unsure. We are not responcible for any and all issues.

Great way to power your usb hubs if your pc can not handle it. Some hubs with not work with this setup, so try at your own risk.  Lot of people do this with the usb hubs, but I wanted to be able to use the hub without having to have the power attached.

Step 1: What's needed.

Picture of What's needed.
1 - usb extender cable
2 - wall phone type solderless jacks.
1 (or more telephone (rj-11) type cables
1 (or more) telephone (rj-11) type extenders.

Wire cutters and or wire strippers.
Screw driver
Continuity tester (i.e. http://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-another-continuity-tester/)
or Ohmmeter.
vishalapr4 years ago
This is just plain fantastic, rated 5* would rate more if possible!!!
Have a look at my instructables that I made as well!
Computothought (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Super thanks!
What is the maximum length of the USB cable I can extend?
Computothought (author)  arifiosoneri3 years ago
You probably want to make it as short as possible. In any case it will depend of the what kind of power comes from the power supply and the resistance of the cables to the usb ports. I have seen some systems support longer cables and others that did not.