Introduction: Solderless Wire Fastening

This video shows how one can take 2 stranded wires, separating one into two sections, and braid them together for a very strong connection, in the event that no soldering equipment or power is available. It makes a great temporary connection, that can be soldered as is later on.

This is a great way to join two wires if you have no power for a soldering iron. No soldering iron available, no solder available, or no way to get a soldering iron into the area to solder the wires. BTW: the three sections of wire are placed parallel and facing the same direction, folding alternating outer wires inwardly to form a braid.


Lateral Thinker (author)2009-08-22

Did you ever try knitting a radio set?

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-23

No, but I have crocheted hanging baskets...

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-23

How many stations did you get?

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-23

I stationed it by the window, next to the one I used as a template :-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-23

Did the train stop?

im so confused.


That will explain your confusion, Aspies like Goodhart and me, talk opposites.

But he did not know the joke at my end, when I see women knitting, I say they are tangling up wool. Anyway, I do very find hand sewing/stitching , to relax.

And his wire fastening, looked very like braiding ribbons.

Go and look at his cheese block racing, we are planning a world championships, me in NZ, v him in the USA. His microwaved potatoes, or Tater (Spud in NZ) is great too.

That explains it. :)

Glad to be of help, two opposites make a right.

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-01

two opposites make a right, but two wrights make an airplane

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-01

I feel like spewing up

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-02

Go ahead, I know it always make ME feel better (unless some goes up you nose....that can be nasty at times....) ;-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-02

Use your fingers to clamp your nose shut next time. :-) What about a instructible for that? :-!

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-02

I would feel like I was suffocating then.....I'd rather pull the odd spaghetti noodle out of my nose than try to hold it closed ;-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-02

Not commenting, now I want to be sick.

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-03

I've never heard of anyone that wants to be sick, but to each his own ;-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-03

I never wanted to be sick, until I read your "I'd rather pull the odd spaghetti noodle out of my nose than try to hold it closed"

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-03

A weak stomach is not something people could accuse me of......I could tell some stories....but then, you would not want to hear them ;-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-04

I had chemotherapy back in 1993.

I did not spew up once. I did not lose weight like they said.

In fact, I saw it as a holiday, and I gained weight, as the treatment was at night, during the day, I had to do something, so I volunteered to help, put away linen, tidy the patients kitchen etc.

And I read books, and I left the unit and found the rehabilitation unit for disabled people, where there was a neat woodwork shop, and of cause, I did some projects. All unofficial because I had not been referred. But of cause, I knew the carpenter in charge. Years earlier, I had rebuilt his woodworking lathe, during another admission.

I was Aspie like then, that got me a single room in Oncoligy. I felt too confined in a four bed cubical, with 3 TVs going, the back of one TV hanging over my bed.

Come to think of it, the rule in that woodwork shop was you MUST close the door to the corridor before starting up the power saw,

After all, it was in an old operating theatre!

its all gone now, pulled down, and the new regional hospital built on it. They used explosives to destroy the bunker where the cobalt was kept.

The linear accelerator (X-ray cancer zapper) was in a modem building in the court yard, of concrete for shielding.

Where do you think they put the hospital chaplains?

In a relocatable office, ON TOP of the linear accelerator building.

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-10-04

Where do you think they put the hospital chaplains?

In a relocatable office, ON TOP of the linear accelerator building.

Is this so they'd have a Moses type of glow about them ? :-)

Or maybe because they wanted to be the first to go, if anything happened.

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-10-04

maybe "take it or leave it?" Or maybe, to be close to the most business? Or maybe, being handy to the main entrance, was useful at knock off time, as main entrance then would be main exit. Anyway, that whole building put up in 1920 or so was also the main entrance, the building had several wings, the accelerator was put in the court yard at ground level, to the cancer unit, that was considered the basement, the next floor up, was the main corridor, seeing the cancer unit was closest to the main entrance, and the accelerator building had a flat roof, they put the chaplains on top of that, with a enclosed bridge across to the corridor. I suppose it was also cheap, no need for foundations. And the rescue helicopter was landing between building, due to lack of space, until the flying authorities laid down the law, then they put the helipad at the top of a new building, it could have been done when the building went up, but nobody thought of it. But I was in the surgical ward, about level 5, 2 more above, the builders putting in the helipad were welding, I recognised the fumes for 30-minutes, then staff noticed the fumes, and the building went into fire lock down, in other words, the fire doors were closed, and we stayed. 10-minutes later, after a dozen fire engines had turned up, we were told it was a false alarm. Anyway, it was minor op, and I was fully mobile.

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

I tend to think in puns too Much TOO often

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

Goodhart, check out soldering on PS or PM, there is an article on soldering with a match, or cigarette lighter. I think you use smaller diameter solder, twist that in, wrap all in foil, heat with match or lighter.

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

There are solders (thin foil like pieces) that one can use to solder with a match, however, this ible was more for emergency connections where no solder, solder guns, or whatever is available. It comes in quite handy at times (when I owned a 1969 VW, it was used from time to time on trips when a wire would break. It kept me going :-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

A 1969 VW has a 12 V lead acid battery. So why not a carbon arc torch? :-) No surprise you drove a VW, was it a van?

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

I didn't carry a torch with me when I traveled across state lines :-) I had 3 bugs, one of them a "baby carriage" that leaked like a sieve, one type III, and one type IV and one van (an old 6 v reduction gearbox job..... a royal pita and colder then the arctic to drive in the winter time.

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

Either you are a weirdo, or Aspie, or both, but I JUST KNEW.. or is it, I can picture you driving a VW van everywhere scrounging junk of junk heaps, filling up your home

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

Well, I didn't scrounge much that way, but I did like to go to Hamfests and pick up boxes of cheap capacitors, resistors, and tubes. They came in handy when someone's old radio would die :-)

Goodhart (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

PS: I worked at a VW repair shop for about a year

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

please start this under a new topic, only 50% my my screen is usable, after so many replies) Anybody driving (most consisting of pushing) a VW, needs access to heaps of spare parts, and factory manuals. No surprise. In NZ up to the '60s, cars were so hard to get, we kept them running 30-40 years, and had 2-3 dead ones in the backyard to rob parts from, engines got re-bored 4-5 times, everybody knew which parts were interchangeable between models. I worked in a car assembly plant, Triumph, Jaguar, Rover, Land Rover, and some British Leyland bus chassis, and trucks, the bits came from the UK, one of my jobs was as "Rust Technologist" trying to kill rust on body parts, shipped thru the tropics in packing cases. Clear the rust pitting back to bare metal, dip in acid to kill the rust off, wash off acid in clean water, 2 minutes later the pitting was brown again. Yup, we still built and sold new cars,(no extra charge for rust) and could not meet the demand. Our USA cars were stamped in Canada, and assembled here. (But they cost heaps)

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-09-13

Done ! ;-)

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

Yes it did, at the meeting place of the Knights of the Templar (where all templates come from).

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

What's that got to do with Solderless wire fastening, knitting, crocheting, trains, radio stations?

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

nothing, but I mentioned Templates, and of course, my next connection is that the Knights Templar were the originators of those templates :-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

What does Templates have to do with the price of fish? (My sister's standard comeback)

Goodhart (author)Lateral Thinker2009-08-24

referring to my post above of Aug 23, 2009. 9:38 PM Goodhart (author) says:
I stationed it by the window, next to the one I used as a template :-)

Lateral Thinker (author)Goodhart2009-08-24

I am shutting off in-coming till I found an answer for the one posting I never quite get to.

DebH57 (author)2009-09-01

Great stuff Goodhart, heres a 5 star and I will be back to give my vote!

Goodhart (author)DebH572009-09-01

Thanks, I do wish I could have made the video a little clearer though.

Goodhart (author)2009-08-24

please start this under a new topic, only 50% my my screen is usable, after so many replies)

And on rust, we have a product that converts rust back into iron (which sadly is black) and also coats said iron with a polymer film to keep it from rusting again.

ac1D (author)2009-08-23

Y not just twist the wire and fold em ? it's solid, sometime I do that becose I don't want to solder.

ac1D (author)ac1D2009-08-23


Goodhart (author)ac1D2009-08-23

this makes a bond that doesn't vibrate loose very easily. In fact, it is so good, if you do it properly, it can be soldered as is, at your leisure.

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2009-08-22

nice idea i like it btw this is radom but you look like my dad

Thanks, and thanks, I think

lol i say radom thing at times

Yeah, so do I, occasionally

555mst555 (author)2009-08-22

cool....what were u making? i can see the schematics in the background

Goodhart (author)555mst5552009-08-23

The schematics are for a different project. Braiding wire like this is an emergency step only, if soldering is not available.

Kaiven (author)2009-08-22

Video seems .. it could be better but I get the point. Very cool. Too bad you can't braid the wire with circuit board haha.

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