This is how I made a wine rack that uses solenoids to strike the wine bottles. In addition, this project also incorporated LEDs, switches and pressure sensors all with the aid of the Arduino Diecimila, the Et-DOUCT8 optoisolator, and Max/MSP.

Step 1: Make a Wine Rack

The wine rack is 31 1/4" tall, 24 3/4" wide, and 9" deep. I basically made a box out of 1/4" plywood, a piece of wood lattice, two pieces of 1 by 4, and two pieces of 2 by 2. I then took three 2 by 2's and used a jig-saw to cut four semi-circles for the bodies of the wine bottoms to rest. Make sure to line up the semi-circles with the wholes in the lattice - glass bottles don't bend very easily. Lastly, I used half-inch corner trim to conceal the seams around the box.
<p>I think that's excellent craftsmanship, However if people wanted to buy a specialized wine rack then I would recommend Wineracks by A&amp;W Moore - http://www.wineracks.co.uk/ as they are specialist in this market and have been running for over 35 years!</p>
What happened to the YouTube video?
This is awesome! To me the point is obvious. Is there going to be an attempt to integrate the LEDs in the future? Where did you get the solenoids?
The instructions are good... but can you explain what is the PURPOSE of the device? I mean, why would I want to build this?
Why?<br/><br/>Why art? Why literature? Why hobbies? Why humor? Why indeed anything at all besides eating and sleeping?<br/><br/>Man feels compelled to <em>make</em>, to show his creativity, as this site has clearly shown. <br/><br/>Sometimes the answer to &quot;Why?&quot; is &quot;Just because.&quot;<br/>
I understand the eating, but why sleeping? :-) This would be better if it was timestamped 3:00 a.m., but I am not waiting. Cool Instructable. I am assuming with some tweaks, you can get some sound effects unlike any other.
I agree. It's a nice intructable except that it doesn't make clear a purpose. "uses solenoids to strike the wine bottles" Why do I want to strike them? Is there some practical reason? To make music? Something else?
Agreed. I watched the video, but I am no more knowledgeable.
beginning of the video he says that the solenoids are to make the wine rack play music (which is what i assumed)...sort of like an electric wind chime for your bottles....of course most of the bottles make the same sound when the solenoid hits them
Says?<br/><br/>Blasted crappy speakers - all I hear is <em>ping, ping, pingpingpingping, ping.</em><br/>
Yes, but this should be also mentioned in the text (the objective of the object). Whether *I* find it useful or interesting is besides the point (I do not), but the objective should be stated in the text.<br/>

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