Bored of normal hollow easter eggs that you could eat in 60 seconds flat? If so, the solid easter egg is the food of choice for you!. Depending on the size of the easter egg you will need different amounts of chocolate and time to make it, I'd say about 1 hour making time and 100g of chocolate for a 5cm high egg, 2 hours and 200g for a 9cm egg, and it's anybody's guess how long you'd need for a >10cm easter egg!

Step 1: Tools & Ingredients

I was working with an egg about 9cm high, so I managed to fill it with slightly less than a whole 230g bar of Cadbury's chocolate (Eating some along the way!), so any less than 200g may be insufficient. When unwrapping the egg, try to keep the foil and packaging in good condition if you intend to re-wrap it or give it to someone.

Have ready a glass or measuring jug slightly larger than your egg, and fill it about 1/3 of the egg's height with water and ice. The cooling part is esential to make sure your egg doesnt escape all over the kitchen.

Also, to melt the chocolate, have a pan about 2/3 full of hot water and suspend a pyrex bowl in it, so that it will not get the inside of the bowl wet, but it will heat the bottom and most of the bowl's walls. Alternatively, use 20-30 second bursts in the microwave, so as not to burn the chocolate.
that looks so tasty........
It probably will be once I find a way of eating it!
lol!!!! u still have it? try dropping it out the window
Indeed i do have it. Ima save it till easter. I reckon the original shell might fracture off if it is a different consistency of chocolate, leaving a slightly smaller egg inside. Failing the window drop, there's always crowbar =P
did you manage to eat it?
get a potato peeler and shave layers off
you should do layers <br>n=nuts <br>w=white chocolate <br>d=dark '' <br>m=milk '' <br>mm=marsh mellow <br> <br> <br>d <br>m <br>mm <br>n <br>w <br>etc
yup! =P c y cadburys or other egg makers dont make them solid now! solid easter egg! come with instructuions on how to eat!!

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