Solid Hardwood Battle-Ready Bokuto (Japanese Practice Sword)





Introduction: Solid Hardwood Battle-Ready Bokuto (Japanese Practice Sword)

Hey everybody, Telos here bringing you another weapon-related slideshow. Now, this is a Bokuto/Bokken, which is a Japanese practice sword. The Bokuto is used by the Samurai of ancient Japan to practice sword moves without getting permanently injured. It is, however, still a deadly weapon in it's own right. It can easily cause bruises and break bones and if swung with the right force can easily kill someone. Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Samurai, is known for being able to kill skilled enemies with just one or two Bokuto.

Now, I'm really pleased with the Bokuto I made. It mimicked the length and the curve of a Katana. It has a rounded Tsuka (hilt) so you know where the Tsuka ends and the blade begins. It is made out of one solid piece of Teak hardwood, and is VERY tough. I managed to repeatedly smack a coconut tree at full strength with the Bokuto and not even a single dent is apparent, hence the 'Battle-Ready' I put in the title.

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    so, did you eventually chop the tree down XD

    You made a comment on a forum once about the energy aspect of Yoko Ichimonji. I am intrigued and would like to know more. Care to share?

    Just wondering if you guys know Iaido?

    Guys, please be careful when you make these. Camisado is not joking when he says "Battle Ready". I've personally broken a man's arm with one in a fraction of a second, and could easily have killed him in the blink of an eye. (Yes, he was deserving of it.)

    I could also easily have gone to jail. Most places don't like people being able to protect themselves, so don't LOOK like you're caring a weapon. Carry a nice, polished walking stick, or a piece of oak with measuring marks carved in it, or religious symbols (not necessarily YOUR religious symbols). A wrapping of cord (like a sling?) or ribbon (like a samuri sword) will set it off nicely.

    Remember, if you don't LOOK like you have a weapon, then people think you are "safe".     : )

    Hey, thanks for commenting. I'm curious, what did the guy do to deserve that kind of (rather brutal) beating? I believe you when you said that he was deserving of it, I just want to know the specifics. Oh, and FYI, its spelled "samurai", not "samuri". You may have not spelled it like that deliberately (maybe you made a typo), but I just want to clear things up.

    If you know a young married couple, and go out of your way to get her drunk, torment her, and have your way with her, don't expect to get off with just a stern lecture. In Dallas, in the 80's, he was lucky he didn't wind up in the landfill as crow food.

    Ah, I get your point. Never compromise the integrity of a marriage. IMO, It's okay to be a pervert (you seem to describe this guy as some out-of-control pervert), but keep it to yourself.

    Nothing wrong with being a pervert. But lying, pretending to be a friendly neighbor, just to cause unnecessary harm to others. Bad Karma came back to him. The couple wound up divorcing a couple of years later. That little episode helped convince me that I need to stay away from people with lots of drama in their lives. Some of it always tends to splash on you, and it's uncomfortable and sticks for a long time.

    True. I like people like you, rational, open-minded people capable of providing sufficient reasoning to back up your claims and are logical in doing so. People like you are what makes society great. May the Force be with you, my man.