Picture of Solid Perfume
This is an inexpensive and easy way to smell nice! I originally looked into this because I wanted to smell like pine trees, and nobody makes that scent (at least until Ralph Lauren gets a whiff of me). Create a personalized scent for a nifty gift.

The only ingredient that can get expensive is the essential oils, especially if you make a complex scent blend requiring an initial investment of many different essentials. Of course, there's nothing wrong with picking a single pleasant scent. One bottle of an essential oil will make lots and lots of perfume; you use only drops at a time!

You will need:
1 tablespoon Beeswax (available at craft shop)
1 tablespoon Almond Oil (or Jojoba Oil or Vitamin E - available at natural foods/health store)
8 - 15 drops Essential Oils (available at natural foods/health store)
1 container (preferably glass, ceramic or stone but plastic is acceptable)

For a cool gift, find an appealing container at your thrift store (it must be bowl-like, not bottle-like, to allow fingers to access the perfume) to make it special.

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Step 1: Measure and Melt

Picture of Measure and Melt
.Put about an inch of water in a small saucepan, then put a small glass jar or pyrex bowl in the water.  Measure out the wax and almond oil into the jar/bowl and bring the water around it to a boil.

The wax will melt gradually; when it is 100% liquid, remove from heat and stir in the other ingredients with a straw (the wax will start to form solid on whatever you do your stirring with — a straw has little surface area so you lose less of the end product, and it's disposable so you don't have to clean it off).  When everything is thoroughly mixed together, pour the liquid wax immediately into your final container.  In about 30 minutes, it will be cooled, solid and ready to use.

Here, I'm making a cedarwood essence perfume to rub on my dogs' collars, so I just used a simple plastic container. The scent of cedar repels ticks, and smells good, too!

rosecrowned2 years ago
Never thought about rubbing it onto dog's collars!
I love the smell of wet dogs, but I imagine a bit of pine would be a bit more welcome ;)
ryanne073 years ago
may i know the best brand for ethyl alcohol?? can i use food flavoring for perfumes??
I was thinking would it work if I used massage oil instead of essential oils?
rapiertwit (author)  BrokenArsenal3 years ago
Even if they're scented massage oils, they won't be nearly concentrated enough.
Yea I tried it and there was already too much of other oils and things added. So it was rather weak.
Mitchi3 years ago
Thanks for the great instructable! I made an awesome birthday gift for a friend who is allergic to everything, and I used some perfume oil i had from zomgsmells to make one for myself, which made it a lot more subtle than the super strong oil. I used some little plastic pill containers I picked up from walgreens for a dollar (cvs has some nice ones too, I got a cute little brown one with blue flowers on it there for the same price).

I wonder if a nice cedar citronella blend will be good for dog collars to repel ticks and mosquitoes?
Mahekun4 years ago
Thanks for this! I've had the basic recipe for the solid perfume for awhile but never was able to get the ratios for the wax vs. oil correct. This is perfect!
MeanLynn4 years ago
This is amazing. Thank you so much! I cant wait to whip up a batch as I was wearing a few of my oils straight but found many to be too strong.

dexez5 years ago
 I have a problem with the essential oil, in Romania (where I live :D), we don”t have essential oils, only volatile oils, for aromatherapy.
Is that a good substitute?
I know there is the mention on the label that it cannot touch the skin.  
If not I”ll have to make my own bamboo essential oil, and I don”t know where i can get the plant :P
strmrnnr dexez5 years ago
I believe that they are one and the same.

The label warning is precationary due to the fact that the product is a concentrate in an alcohol base, and concentrates of anything can be dangerous if misused.
They are not one in the same!
They are however similar in the same manner that vanilla extract and imitation vanilla extract have the same chemical formula.  However, the atoms are arranged in a different order.

Be aware that some of the desired essential oils like peppermint which is cooling to the skin.  As a volitile oil (such a misnomer in chemistry) will cause irritation sufficient quantity.

Use the metasearch here on Instructables or a search engine to learn how to create your own essential oils. 

Often times it is as easy as taking high proof ethanol alcohol (i.e. Everclear) and letting your desired organic oil rich substance sit in it for a couple of months.  Others require being dropped into boiling water to release the oils, or soaked in a base oil (i.e. mineral oil).  The last general category that I'm aware of require distillation from a neutral oil/spirit to get a high enough concentration of the desired oils (this is unnecessary for most plants and flowers).  Though should you build a distillation apparatus I would recommend looking into the "theory" of brandy making, *wink wink*. 
Imitation vanilla does not have the same chemical formula; it only has vanillin, the main flavor/aroma chemical found in vanilla. It's missing all of the other good stuff.
Volatile oils are a synonym for essential oils. Be aware of the therapeutic properties of the oils which you will be using. For example Rosemary is a stimulus, great for morning use to help you wake up but not wonderful if you feel like relaxing. Most essential oils can be used on skin. The warning on the bottle comes from the fact that very few should be used on skin in their pure state, but need to be diluted in oil, alcohol or another substance before use.
rose88905 years ago
I tried your ible and it smells great! However, after I put it on my wrists, the scent only lasted about 10 minutes. I used soy wax and olive oil because I already had those. Do you think that's why the scent didn't last?
You stop noticing the smell yourself after a short time just like any smell. It does last though. The first time I wore solid perfume i thought the same thing, but one of my coworkers commented on my scent many hours after I put it on.
because the perfume is missing a VERY important but VERY expensive ingredient.  I don't remember what it is called, but the best perfumists use it, and it comes from whales.  People's lives have been changed for the very better because of it.  If I remember correctly, the animals do not have to be killed to get it. Again though, it's expensive to get.  
Look it up if you wish, but I read it in a book somewhere.
I think you are thinking of Ambergris.
That's it, thank you! btw, interesting profile pic.
mohegan5 years ago
ok...I really want to smell like pine trees but I cant find anything about it accept this. I'm kind of young, and don't have the resources or skills nessacary to create this. Does anyone have any segestions? =/
If you can't make a perfume like this, you might want to try doing what I do with essential oils. Buy the one that you like and first make sure that you aren't allergic. You can dip a pin head in the oil (you just want a tiny amount) and touch it onto your forearm, then wait 24-48 to make sure that no rash occurs. If you aren't violently allergic, it should be fine. Put two drops of the oil onto your hair brush before each brushing. If you brush a couple of times per day, you will always smell of the scent you like.
Love the brush idea! Brilliant! Thank you :)
Batness mohegan5 years ago
Health food stores like Whole Foods sell Pine and Cedar oils, and you can get beeswax at a craft store like Joann's or Michael's. You don't have to have the Almond Oil; you can use Olive Oil! Most people already have some of this cooking oil at home.

As for containers, sometimes you can just reuse one you already have! Old lipbalm pots work great.  You can usually ask someone older to help you melt the beeswax and add the oils; it doesn't take much time.
CarlzAmez4 years ago
lol..iv always wanted solid perfume...but now im too scared to make it, in fear of getting my skin burnt off by the essencial oils..:/...<3
Draighean8 years ago
Solid perfumes are so much nicer than commercial fragrances. A couple words of caution: when dealing with essential oils be careful. Research to ensure the dilution you intend to use is skin safe. I've heard a lot of good information about Martin Watt's knowledge of essential oil safety. For example "Oils such as expressed bergamot can cause a lifelong condition known as photosensitisation. Oils like peppermint and cinnamon bark can actually burn the skin if they come in contact for too long." If you intend to use them on pets be cautious. Cats are especially sensitive to essential oils and even inhalation can cause liver problems (google lavender cat for more information). Have fun, but be safe.
*whips up batch of cinnamon for enemy*
 Lol, sounds effective, although I cant imagine how you would actually get that on the enemy's skin.
you send an unmarked package on their desk and let them use it.  no fingerprints on package or anything!!!
Haha i don't even remember writing that.. 1 1/2 years go by fast!
funny eh?  just reading it is still funny.
* concurs and follows suit *  smiles evilly........
then thinks again and checks my karma meter.......and abandons the revenge perfume....
sunshiine5 years ago
This is right up my alley! Thanks!
gellocks5 years ago
 This is absolutely WONDERFUL!!  Thanks for sharing!!!!!
Qcks5 years ago
Actually this is an interesting Instructable, but It's not really a perfume. It's actually closer to a lotion. Including a small amount of glycerin will help the wax to be soft.
 Great instructable! The small jar in the picture looks like a soapstone jar, about 2" across, available from Ten Thousand Villages. They come in various shapes and colors, each one handmade, and even new they only cost $4. So if you're having trouble finding something at a thrift store, check out a Ten Thousand Villages store or go to www.tenthousandvillages.com.
mikebook5 years ago
 Do the scents intensify as it ages, as with other perfume applications? Do they need to be stabilized once in the beeswax? What about using Fragrance Oils instead of essentials?
I know the essential oils are volatile, meaning they will evaporate away with age.  And also make sure, as the author said, that whatever oils are safe for the skin, just ask the clerk.  If they don't know something so simple, walk away; it is so not worth a rash later.
Forgot to mention!
There are a few sellers on ArtFire that sell small DIY kits for these sort of things, complete with bottles, little tins, etc, including a choice of oils...I had considered buying one, this instructable might kick start me!

I did a quick search on the above mentioned site & came up with lots of nice options:  search terms:  oil, kit
So simple, yet so wonderful!  Thanks for the instructable!!!
<now, where is that incredible bottle of Sandalwood I had stashed away...>

strawberry7 years ago
Wow, this is a great way to make my BPAL go further! Thanks, and awesome job!
My thought exactly.

(wow, old post, I know. :) )
thepelton5 years ago

Several things.
1.  I work with a young woman who loves licorish.
2.  I once told her that when I was living in San Diego, that fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) grows as a weed in vacant lots, and smells and tastes of licorish.  (I'm unsure of the spelling of "licorish".) 
There is a scent source for you. 

I just wonder if you can use a small, spent, solid glue stick,  to carry it in a convenient form in your purse or whatever... 
To do so, clean it, make a cylinder around the plastic thread base and plug the thread with a rod.   Pour the mixture in and remove the mould and rod when cold. 
    A spent lipstick could also do the trick.

Or lip balm tube!  Great idea!

CozmikDawn5 years ago
A really good place to get essential oils and other supplies is called AzureGreen. They have everything you need for perfume making. Great and easy instructable, I'm going to recommend this to every one!
Madrigorne5 years ago
I just bet you could pour this into an altoids container! ( I heart them and use them for everything)
Batness5 years ago
This is a pretty good and stable solid perfume base; in fact if you add a little more oil to it, you can have a decent lip balm base as well! I used avocado oil and this is amazing.

As for the user asking if stabilizers are needed, I haven't needed any. Although vanilla scents will make the base turn darker over time, but that's just the appearance; the perfume will still work just fine! I have also used fragrance oils, but just make sure they're body and skin safe ones; candle oils frequently aren't meant to be put on skin.
Rahlan Batness5 years ago
Any advice on 'measurement' changes when using 'fragrance' oils instead of essential oils?  I'm assuming that since they aren't  pure, then they aren't as strong... but that should also mean that it takes more than a few drops for the same strength of fragrance. (?)    What ratios did you use when you substituted 'fragrance oils'.
Thanks for your help.
Batness Rahlan5 years ago
I don't have an exact ratio myself since I just "eyeball it" until it's at a strength I need. I usually only need a few drops per "lip balm tube (.15 oz?)" for essential oils, but I'd add a few extra if the scent is faint; essential or otherwise.
bordeaux5 years ago
I found this easy to make. I didn't have almond oil, so I substitutes with olive. It still worked great and I'm loving it!
lachapa6 years ago
Thank you soooo much for this instructable! I'm allergic to traditional perfumes and colognes, so I will definitely make this!!
rapiertwit (author)  lachapa6 years ago
If you have allergy problems, I would recommend testing each different essential oil on your skin before incorporating it into perfume. Undiluted essentials are so strong that they can even cause irritation or allergic reactions in people who aren't "allergic" at dilute concentrations, so be careful when you do this. I wouldn't put a drop on bare skin... more like put a drop on a piece of paper towel and gently rub the paper towel on a patch of skin.
I wouldn't even put it on a paper towel and then on the skin, you should put 1 part(drop) essential oil to 3 parts carrier oil(Canola, Almond, Grapeseed, Vegatable oil etc) and then test that carefully on your skin. Really, an essential oil should never touch your skin directly, it should always be put in a carrier oil first.
roxiel5 years ago
This is wonderful. Do you know what essentials I could use to get the scent "CHLOE"? I would be so grateful. Roxiel
abssinth7 years ago
I know this soulds a little kooky, but I'll ask anyway. I have a sandalwood candle that I absolutely love! I've had no luck in finding an essential oil that matches the scent - is there anyway to use the candle as the wax and not add an oil, but still get the scent? THANKS!
If you are talking about using the candle remnants on your skin, please don't. It may be ok if it is made with organic beeswax or untreated soy and essential oil (and nothing else). I usually don't recommend using fragrance oils over essential oils, but here goes... If you can't find an organic, aged, therapeutic grade sandalwood from your preferred growing area you could use a sandalwood fragrance oil. It sounds like you have tried a few different ones. You may also like candlewood. Make sure any oil essential or fragrance oil is is skin safe.
Try looking at a novelty store or a "hippie" store, the kinds you can get things such as incense, tie dyed shirts and "tobacco smoking accessories" in. They usually sell "hippie dirt" or the roll-on scented oils. The sandalwood is to DIE for. You can search amazon for "sandalwood roll on oil" and it comes up there too. It's the most delicious scented sandalwood I have ever smelled!
This is the best thing i have ever come across......... Awesome..... Tnx..... Am gonna try a nice lavender, Citrus and vanilla (If i can find a coffee one-nothing like it)
At Liberty6 years ago
I know of a few good places to obtain fragrance oils, should anyone like the information.<br/><br/>Southern Garden Scents has an excellent sample package. You can purchase 5 1ml sample vials for 3$ - including shipping. They have a few designer duplicates.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://southerngardenscents.com/">http://southerngardenscents.com/</a><br/><br/>Daystar Supllies has a lot of designer duplicates, but their main client base consists of persons who make bath & body products, so their "sample" package is large, and a bit pricey.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.daystarsupplies.com/folist.htm">http://www.daystarsupplies.com/folist.htm</a><br/>
akpenny6 years ago
This is great! Thank you for sharing...I was trying to figure out how to make it solids for my product line now that I know....I'm so elated!!
tatihana006 years ago
thank you for this instructable, i found a lovely jar that i would love to put it in. i was wondering though, i wondered how long the scent lasts, like in a sealed container. i wanted to make one and then seal the outside edges with wax, so i'm not making chirstmas presents all at last minute, but i don't want to make it and then have people say the scent faded away. i guess i could add a couple more drops to make sure... any thoughts?
kenshi076 years ago
This is really interesting, I do have a question though? Would this work with paraffin wax. I don't have any beeswax, so I was just wondering.
kaytea6 years ago
Hi, I have a question for anyone that's tried this - how much does the smell spread to the rest of the house? I want to try to make some solid perfume but I'm worried about annoying my housemates! Thanks!
rapiertwit (author)  kaytea6 years ago
I don't think they'll mind. Essential oils are potent, but they don't disperse much during this process. At no time is will you be creating an overpowering odor, and whatever ambient smell you create will be gone soon after you're finished making your perfume. Just don't drop a bottle of essential oil and break it!!!
avengeymir6 years ago
Check out www.thecreamperfumecompany.com They do this.. cool nuts.
Shut Up Now6 years ago
ADDITION! you should combine this idea with this: http://www.instructables.com/id/butter-pen/

it would be a custom deodorant-style perfume! lol
Shut Up Now6 years ago
i didnt read the comments below, but essential oils are volitile which means they evaporate into the air. this also means that they (and their scents) evaporate into the air very quickly when exposed to heat such as melted wax and oil. you should maybe add the essences after the wax begins to cool to get a better scent.
misa2126 years ago
This is a great Instructable - thank you very much for adding! I'm going to experiment with black pepper and geranium. I love the Cedarwood idea for my dog's collars.
slayer_x9116 years ago
freakin AWESOME, gotta make it thnx 4 the nice 'ible :D
collington7 years ago
This is fantastic!! Any idea if it would work with an existing store-bought perfume in place of the essential oils? Thanks!
=SMART=7 years ago

sorry i had to lol
Up_in_Snow7 years ago
I love body butters. This will be very nice to try out. I heard when picking oil scents it is best two pick oils with similar colors to compliment one another. Such as yellow sunflower and lemon: purple, lavender and jasmine: brown, cocoa bean and sandalwood
Donna647 years ago
Hi girl good job i wil try it Thanks
daveylocky7 years ago
works well but mind how many oils you smell i have a big headache but a great mothers day present cheers :D
I loved this project! I was saddened that my favorite solid was almost gone... and that it is no longer available for purchase. I had already decided to make my own, using oils I already had as well as the remnants of the old scent, and came upon this Instructable. The instructions were ridiculously easy to follow, and I now have a beautiful custom scent!
is there something other than beeswax that will bind this???
Clayton H.7 years ago
you can probly make it into a small candle to put in a drawing room as one of those fancy sented candles.
holtster7 years ago
Hi: I just want to know if anyone has ever tried to take perfume that they had and turned it into solid form? I have a fragrance which is in the pure perfume form and eau de perfume and I would like to know if it would be possible for me to turn it into a solid form which would be much easier for me to use without drastically changing the fragrance. Thanks.
There's a lot of original and clone perfumes available in oil form (mostly preferred in Islamic countries where alcohol usage even in perfumes is not acceptable for many)....But I'm sure they might even be available online... So you have a pre-made mix of essential oils / fragrances, which is easier to mix into the wax.
bcr8ve holtster7 years ago
I suspect that the alcohol and water in perfume would sabotage your efforts to make a solid perfume. You might try to find out what scents are combined to make your favorite perfume and then work with essential oils to create a knock-off that would be close enough to please you.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
I like this a lot. It's a great idea to post and you explained it very well. Great job! This is going on my to do list, I can see some Christmas presents in the future.
skullaria8 years ago
My son and I made this today. I didn't have a thing to put it in, so I used an empty contact case and we made 2 different fragrances - one in each 'pot' It worked out well! We used macadamia nut oil b/c that is what we had. Works wonderfully! Set very nicely.
This is so great. My fav. perfume ever is Burts Bee's baby bee solid perfume and I bought one and never saw it for sale in stores again. it smells so good like honey almond or something. I'm gonna make a vat of it so I never run out again!
very nice. I think I'll be making some very soon. :)
My grandmother use to make a simular solid perfume. I remember it well, she always smelled like fresh flowers. Lavender and honeysuckle or orange blossoms and lemon grass. Thanks for reminding me of such a fond memory and for giving me a way to bring those enjoyable smells to my nieces and nephews.
shadus8 years ago
Actually a straw has far more surface area that say a coffee stirring stick or a toothpick shaped item. The straw has more because it has both outside and inside surface area.
shinyglass8 years ago
This works very nicely in a lip balm tube, especially if you have long nails. You can stroke on your scent wherever you'd like, with no residue on your fingertips! My favorite blend is rose/sandalwood/cedar. Very sexy and deep woods mysterious!
I've placed this on my to build list.
Geba8 years ago
This is awsome! I don't like to wear perfume(too strong), but working at a foundry, I need something cheep and nice for when I'm around humans. :P
ElectricJ8 years ago
you could always douse yourself in gin or pinsol for that 'piney' smell
rapiertwit (author)  ElectricJ8 years ago
The gin smell would probably get me fired, and PineSol doesn't use real pine anymore. Pine oil used to be the active ingredient (it has antiseptic properties) but now they use the stronger artificial microbe killas ... which only breeds tougher bacteriums.
plus, pinesol smells like chemicals anyway. This is a very cool idea! I will add this to my list of awesome things to do. I always like smells that they don't make into perfumes. There is also a company called demeter that makes "pick-me-up" scents that smells like pine (and other very interesting, true scents) I got a pine scented perfume in a package with two others that I wanted, and I just use it in my car, because I don't personally want to smell like pine.
danie peace8 years ago
This is also a super lipgloss or chap-stick recipe depending on how much oil you use. Wintergreen or spearmint with orange are so yummy. And since wintergreen has salicylic acid (super good for painful cold sores).
bigtoe8 years ago
Dirty money...this will be great for those politicians in your life!
mr2monster8 years ago
I like this.. It's creative and seems like it would work well...