Solid Reclaimed Wood Chair





Introduction: Solid Reclaimed Wood Chair

This chair is made out of wood deck boards and wood waste from a construction site.

Step 1: Dimensioning

Step 2: Frame

All parts of the chair are always screwed and glued.

Step 3: Legs

Step 4: Armrest

Armrest mounted using pocket holes.

Step 5: Chair Before Sanding

Step 6: Take a Seat :)

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Impressive! It seemed easy to make. You are CREATIVE thanks for sh

That is amazing! Crude yet refined, I love it. Very well done!

So, what does it look like after finishing. ?


Quelle est la hauteur des pieds de devant ?

Très bon et beau projet.


c'est 68cm.


Awsome chair!! Can't wait to make it myself :) but one thing i missed, how long are the front leggs in total?

From the first picture, it looks like 45.5cm (10cm top, 4.5cm bottom, 45.5cm side). Hope that helps.

nah, 45.5 that's the length of the handles. the front legs look like three/quarters of the back legs, that would make them 70-ish. 69,375 cm to be exact. But I would say the important part is 37.5 cm at the bottom - the height of handles is entirely up to you, since that's that is applied to the top of the front legs. And the handles are screwed to the side of back legs, so sliding them up/down according to whatever length you choose for front is easy.

it is exactly like that :)
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