In this instructable I will show how to make a nice solid wood frame on a small budget. I know that not everyone has electric tools but for this project simple hand tools could be used or you can just make the frame square and simple without the fancy mouldings.

With this frame you will not need to make any complex joints and the final product will last many years on the wall no problem.
This frame could be made from any type of wood hard or soft, it can be painted, stained or left natural each to his taste. In my opinion if you have a big wall it's nice to make different sized frames and just hang them choatic, it looks great.

Safety : When using electric tools use ears and eye protection.
Keep body parts away from sharp blades. WORK SAFE!

Step 1: Choosing Frame Size and Glass

You can use any size of timber for your frames its just a matter of taste. I chose 2x2 soft wood planed timber for my frames. I wanted to create nice chunky frames of different sizes to cover a big wall. Glass can be bought or you can use glass from old frames that we all have stashed in some dark corner of the house. I used cheap diploma frame glass and some small thick glass from old halogen light. If you want to cut the glass you can do it with a glass cutte, they are not expensive. I used a tile cutter and it did a great job. Just be very careful not to cut yourself and to use safety gloves.
In my opinion it is better to adjust the frame to the glass and not the other way.
<p>The CAUTION STICKER, is only holding the photo straight</p>
<p>My first attempt</p>
<p>so nice</p>
<p>nice, we also run photo frame business, but the tools a little different. Hope we can share something useful.</p>
nice tools, I am looking for simple way for people who has no such tools
Great instructable, very well documented and explained. One thing I did notice however, is that you called your welded steel supports for the corners 45 degree angles, when they are in fact 90 degree angles.<br><br>Those frames look very nice.
Thank you for your positive comment ;-) <br>you are correct I changed the 45 Deg to 90.
Hey, this is great--lots of really good tips all throughout this instructable. I picked up quite a few new tricks. Thank you!<br> <br> And your router table looks awesome!<br>
Thank you, my router table is getting old, this was my first REALY cheap router that I attached to the table top made of MDF, it served me well for a few years but its realy time to replace it and make better table for my new router. Perhaps ill make ible of that one day :-)
My router table is just like yours. It does the trick, and didn't cost much to make.

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