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I did this at my wedding last Fall, my mother tumbled the stones for me in her rock tumbler and at the end of the festivities we had this momento to take home as a reminder of friends who shared our day with us.

Step 1: Solid As a Rock, Wedding Memory

Collect stones prior to your big day, if you have a rock tumbler polish them -OR- you can purchase polished stones -OR- you don't have to use polished stones! The idea is that the stones represent the people who shared your special day with you.

Step 2: Solid As a Rock, Wedding Memory

Place stones in a pretty dish for guests to pick up when they enter the ceremony. Place a sign in the dish like the one in my photo explaining what to do! People generally like clear instructions when asked to participate.

Step 3: Solid As a Rock, a Wedding Memory

Have another dish or goblet at the entrance of the reception for guests to place their stone into. The newlyweds keep the stones as a memory of their guests on their special day.


seamster (author)2015-07-30

This is a neat idea!

I think it would be cool if guests signed the stones too, or even wrote a little note on them.

PamW6 (author)seamster2015-07-30

Thank you!

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