In this instructable I will show you how to make a solid bench / coffee table, you can adjust this idea to any size you desire. I used planed soft wood but this idea could be applied by using recycled materials such as thick planks of timber and having them planed is not a must just a choice.
The finished product can be painted, stained, varnished or juse left natural.
Cushins can be attached to it, legs base is optional. Whatever way you do it you will end up with an awesome solid and heavy piece of furniture.

Safety : When using electric tools use ear and eye protection.
Keep body parts away from sharp blades.

Step 1: Construction of the Bench Frame.

After I decided  what size to make my bench I used planed 4x2 for the bench frame. The 4x2 could be cut with an electric mitre saw or the traditional way using a tenon saw and mitre box. I was working in a small area so I found it easier using a hand saw. I also used butt joints for the frame corrners securing them with a wood adhesive and screws, a better apperance could be made by mitering all the corner joints. To get straight lines the best tool is a set square. After cutting all the length and width parts, don't forget to deduct it from the frame length parts the over hang x 2 of the bench top and deduct the 4x2 thickness x 2 from the width parts. Mark the location for the holes with an adjustble square and drill 15-20mm deep pilot holes with a 10mm wood bit and depth guide.  Connect all the frame parts with 60mm timber screws, all holes will be closed with 10mm hard wood plugs in later stage.
After the frame is secured connect the inner width support parts. Mark the center length point and space two 4x2 the exact same size of the bench leg thicness. To get a good fitting use scrap timber the same size as the leg.
<p>I LOVE the look of the benches after staining. So rustic looking. Got to add this to my to-do list.</p>
nice! i like the legs. in next months (time to make the necessary space in the room) i'll build a workbench using this method.. i'll post results :)
Nice project man if I only had the time
So how much wood of each do I need to make one bench?
Very cool, nice 'ible. I made the two benches and stained them cherry red. I also made a table that had longer legs and a wider top.
Thanks, add image if you have one, I always like too see varieties of ideas :-)
i may need to do this for my academy<br>muito bom!
I like your bench. I made one years ago for my wife, almost exactly like this one but I did not but an angle on the feet or round the edges. I wish I would have done that now, it gives it a much softer look.
VERY well done! This will be a future project for me (with maybe a chess board cut into the middle).
Very stong, sturdy and nice looking. Great job.
Looks very nice! Great job
Thank you, I also enjoyed your plywood bookcase instructable, very well documented.

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