Solo Noise Maker 2.0 (Red)





Introduction: Solo Noise Maker 2.0 (Red)

The Solo Noise Maker 2.0 is the all in one noise maker for any jam. Use it as a bell, horn, whistle, or any mystical noise you can create with the 2.0 red version. 

Types of Noises Produced:
Shake (Make rapid movements from right to left gripping the cup at the top)
Rattle (Hold the cup parallel to the ground and gently slide the coins across the plastic)
Buzzer (Breathing into the cup at a low tone pitch will create a buzzing sound)

Check out this video to hear the sounds:
Noise maker
- 2 solo RED plastic cups 
- 1 coffe filter
- 5 pennies
- knife
- marker
- tape

Instructions to Build:
Step 1:
Place one plastic cup upside down and with a marker mark a circle around the circumference. Measure from the top towards bottom. Length should be the height of the coffe filter. 
Step 2:
Place the pennies into the other solo RED cup
Step 3:
Place the coffe filter in between the normal cup and the modified cup.

Thats it! Enjoy your noise making device



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    cool! - do you have some audio or video to demonstrate?

    Glad you like it, I just added a short video demonstrating the type of sounds created. Lately I haven't had any time to do much as I have been busy working. Hope it helps.

    The direct link is