Solo-launch a two-line kite

video Solo-launch a two-line kite
Sometimes you want to fly a kite, but you've got nobody to help launch.


Lay out your kite on its back, and weight the trailing edge down with a handful or sand or pebbles. 

When you give a gentle pull on the lines, the cells will fill and the kite will launch easily.

confu7 months ago
This also works fine with delta shaped stunt kites. Build a little sand pyramid for each of the outer bars and stick them into them.
Having a tent peg in your pocket to fix one (!) line while your building up your solo-launch ramp is also pretty useful when it´s really windy. If you don´t fix them at all, your kite is likely to go "somewhere" faster than you can look, if a blast catches it from a different angle. Trying to hold the lines without a handle is also a very bad idea.
If you fix both lines your kite could launch uncontrolledly and crash anywhere, while you are on your way back to the handles. If only one line is fixed it maybe could get caught by a blast, but then will circle and crash instantly.
backflip1110 months ago
The cells will fill with it
Kiteman (author)  backflip1110 months ago
No, they don't, because you lay the sand along the *closed* trailing edge (see the first still image in the vudeo), and when you launch, it spills off, away from the cell openings.
rimar200010 months ago
Good idea. For "normal" kites I do the following: put it prone with its upper side over a little plant. In this way the wind lift it when I pull the yarn.
thematthatter10 months ago
You got no one to help? Tell the guy holding the camera to help you!
Kiteman (author)  thematthatter10 months ago
Er, the guy holding the camera was *me*.

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