Solodart - Homemade Nerf Blaster

Have you heard of the Snapbow? It's a simple, almost crude homemade Nerf blaster made basically from PVC pipes. Not the easiest thing in the world to make, but definitely cheaper and easier than the +bow. Having failed to make the latter twice, I took a stab at the former.

Features include:
-A plunger head made entirely from PVC fittings; no rubber washers, which I never could seem to find in the right sizes.
-Paracord plunger string. I think it causes the spring to coil in odd ways sometimes, but it's light and strong and works better than the copper pipe I used at first.
-Hair trigger made from a bent corner brace. The original design calls for a clothespin with a screw, but that's just way too crude for my lofty standards.
-Wooden handle to at least pretend to be ergonomic. PVC pipes at right-angles just won't cut it.
-About ten inches of draw and over 18 inches long.
-Dart reserves on the side for up to 17+1 shots.
-Dedicated score counter beads. I'm kind of in the process of making one for each Nerf gun I've got.
-Panzer Dragoon-inspired paint job, because 1) Panzer Dragoon is awesome (this is scientific fact), 2) neon Nerf colors are too tacky, and 3) black guns, no matter how fanciful in appearance, are a great way to get you in trouble.
-Made-up alphabet for the hell of it.
Is there an instructable for this or a link?
armored bore (author)  pyromaniac1234567896 months ago
No instructions for this yet. I wasn't even sure if it was going to work while I was making it, so I didn't document it at all.

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