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You can make a zipper pull/key ring fob using the solomon bar. Over the years I have made and given away hundreds of them to waitstaff (as a bonus tip) and courteous store clerks. Please feel free to add a few knots to either the vertical or horizontal bars to suit your aesthetic needs. I did so in the photo showing the collection of crosses.

Step 1:

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For this tutorial I used 2 - 4' length of paracord. The cords should be folded so that the uoter lengths are 1/2 the lengths of the inner.

One at a time take each cord end out of the loop it is going through, thread it through the split ring and back through the loop

Step 2:

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Tie four more knots.

Step 3:

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Reverse the whole shebang and 2" from the last knot begin knotting back towards the last knot.

Tie a total of eight knots in this direction.

Step 4:

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Turn the cross on its side and about 3/4" from the body begin the left side of the cross. Tie three knots.

Step 5:

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To tighten the side bar pull out on the center two strands. Then, one at a time, tighten the three knots.

Step 6:

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Repeat for the other side.

The knot is complete. Trim and sear the ends.

Step 7:

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An alternate start is to take one cord and fold it. A2 is short end, unlabeled is long end.

Tie second cord around it. B is long end, A1 is short end.

For this top section of the cross you will be knotting with the short ends A1 and A2. End B will fall into place beside the unlabeled long end. Tie four more knots and proceed as described above.


TJ_Jadem made it! (author)2017-04-29

its so cool

TJ_Jadem (author)2017-04-29

how long does the rope need to be?

TJ_Jadem (author)TJ_Jadem2017-04-29

whoops I didn't read it all.

offseid (author)2016-11-05

Great job. Well-explained!

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