Super Easy to Use Paracord Key Chain. You can attach and detach it with any key ring easily.

This is my first try to make something on my own. My narrative skills are very poor. So i have attached pictures of steps.

Hope you will like it. :)

Step 1: Materials

White and Red Paracord

lenght= 1 meter each

Step 2: Tools

Step 21:

Cut extra paracord, melt the edges and stick it to the key chain

Step 23: How to Use It

Step 25: Insert Between Two Paracords

Step 28: Pull It

<p>Very nicely done! Your photos are great, and the finished key chain looks great too. Good work!</p>
<p>Thank You Sir! Its my first Instructable. I am very glad that you liked my work. I will try to improve my narrative skills. :)</p>

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