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Introduction: Solor Powered K'nex Fan

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This summer has been a hot one!

Luckily for Chad here, he has a brand new solar paneled fan! He can use it anywhere because this

fan doesn't require an outlet to power the motor. His high-tech fan has a built in gear box which increases the rpm o the fan blade to provide for a very cool breeze!

Hello everyone, Didexo here! This is my fourth entry to the Rods and Connectors Contest. As shown above, this is a solar paneled fan I built entirely out of K'nex (The solar panel manufactured by K'nex inc. is no longer made nor sold). I hope you enjoyed this entry and it would help me greatly if you could vote for this in the Rods and Connectors Contest!

And remember guys, keep cool ;)



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    nice idea though

    longet wire so I can sit in shade

    Thanks! Don't forget to vote ;). And yes, it was a sunny day to I just went outside!