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Introduction: Solutions to Top 5 Mistakes Singers Make

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Hello! I want to reveal the top 5 mistakes singers generally make and the steps you can take to fix them :)

Step 1: Fix My Froggy Voice

This comes from raising the soft palate too much.  Do you sometimes reach for higher notes by tilting your head down?

Step 2: See If You Have Too Much Vocal Compression, When Singing Lower Notes

Relax and practice "vocal fry". This will reduce strain especially for baritone and bass voices.

Step 3: Fix Your "Flat" When You Sing High Notes

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This "flat" happens when you raise your larynx and your throat is closing and squeezing, making your notes go flat on high notes, this also reduces air flow.

To solve this, use the “ugh" or "duh” sound in your singing exercises, and also stretch your larynx like in yawning when singing higher.

Step 4: Stop Your Voice From Cracking or From Flipping Into Falsetto

This happens because your vocal chords split apart.

To get better control of grip and chord closure, do vocal exercises using the “G” and “B” sounds.

Step 5: Don't Force Your Voice or Push Your Voice Too Much

This is a very common singing mistake called weight/vocal strain especially in higher notes.

Strengthen your mix voice by using your pharyngeal resonator. Also start by singing in your head voice with a very relaxed tone, and slowly add power.

All the best in your singing endeavors!

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