I had received a query from one of my client that whenever he tries to open Outlook PST file, “Access denied” this error is appearing. When I asked him about all details found that he has reinstalled Windows 7 from Windows XP with all his programs including Outlook email client.

The Outlook error access denied is appearing because he has restored his PST file from a backup. The upcoming segment is based on how we solve Outlook access denied error.

Step 1:

Restored the PST file from a backup

If you have restored a backup of PST file from CD-DVD, you should always first copy it into your Hard drive and remove the read only attributes of the PST file from properties. Just right click on PST file and ensure that the “Read Only” option is not checked. If it’s checked just remove it and click on “Apply” button.

Apply same process even if you have backed up on external HDD, check out for attributes. My client has backed up his PST file via one of the online backup service so it gets restored on the hard drive and thus the read only attributes are not selected. We have also cross checked it using command line, and found that the file attribute was set to archive.

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