Solve Outlook Error “Access Denied” With Perfect Tool


Introduction: Solve Outlook Error “Access Denied” With Perfect Tool

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I had received a query from one of my client that whenever he tries to open Outlook PST file, “Access denied” this error is appearing. When I asked him about all details found that he has reinstalled Windows 7 from Windows XP with all his programs including Outlook email client.

The Outlook error access denied is appearing because he has restored his PST file from a backup. The upcoming segment is based on how we solve Outlook access denied error.

Step 1:

Restored the PST file from a backup

If you have restored a backup of PST file from CD-DVD, you should always first copy it into your Hard drive and remove the read only attributes of the PST file from properties. Just right click on PST file and ensure that the “Read Only” option is not checked. If it’s checked just remove it and click on “Apply” button.

Apply same process even if you have backed up on external HDD, check out for attributes. My client has backed up his PST file via one of the online backup service so it gets restored on the hard drive and thus the read only attributes are not selected. We have also cross checked it using command line, and found that the file attribute was set to archive.

Step 2:

Opened the PST File

To open the restored PST file never use “Import function” in Outlook. Using this option may lead to PST corruption. So the best method to open PST file is:

Open MS Outlook >> click on file >> Open >> Outlook Data File and browse for the restored PST file >> select it and click Ok. Generally when this method is adopted the PST files and its content get opened. But we have other issue we are still getting outlook error “Access Denied”, it was pointing towards a file permission issue. So we made sure that the user was logged in as the Administrator.

Step 3:

Scanned the PST File for Corruption

MS Outlook comes built-in with useful utility called scanpst.exe, which helps in detecting PST file corruption and fix it. But for using this you may need to use the search function to locate scanpst.exe on your computer. We have tried Scanpst it also seems to be failed as we still receive Outlook error access denied. I thought I have lost all of the emails…

Step 4:

Checked File Permissions for the PST File

We have ignored the fact that the PST file could be corrupt and also this fact that updating Outlook or OS was the cause. We are back to check the attributes, I said the user to try and set the PST file setting as read only (Just for testing). I was excited to open PST file but bad luck!! The error occurred again.

Finally we look around to permissions problem. In the very first step we look for how to take ownership of a file or a folder from XP. We disabled simple file sharing and configured the ownership of the file. Sometimes changing the PST file permissions leads to solve Outlook error access denied. But sometimes it fails as per we failed to solve our PST error.

Step 5:

Finally Adopted Commercial Solution to Solve Access Denied Error

Finally we have decided to adopt a third party tool and discovered Outlook Recovery Software. We found miraculous thing A FREE DEMO VERSION!! Yes we have downloaded and checked out the performance of software without investing anything.

We found the tool very suitable and thus invested in licensed version of tool that solves our Outlook error access denied very efficiently. The tool was very simple to use, if you are encountering the problems while accessing your PST file, we recommend you to just use the software once in demo mode before purchase. For More Info Visit: Outlook File Recovery



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