Step 3: How to Solve: Cube Notation


You should be familiar with turning notation.  If you are a little rusty here is a quick reminder:

U – turn the top face clockwise
F – turn the face in front of you clockwise
R – turn the face on the right clockwise
L – turn the face on the left clockwise
D – turn the bottom face clockwise

Note: Adding an apostrophe denotes a counter-clockwise turn (D’) and adding a two denotes a 180 degree turn (D2).  All moves are made imagining you are facing that layer. 

<p>can we use any other set-up move (excluding U, L, or B) like for C can we use R' [R U&rsquo; R&rsquo; U&rsquo; R U R&rsquo; F&rsquo; R U R&rsquo; U&rsquo; R' F R] R instead of F [R U&rsquo; R&rsquo; U&rsquo; R U R&rsquo; F&rsquo; R U R&rsquo; U&rsquo; R' F R] F'</p>
<p>Yes but the corner might become twitsed</p>
<p>How do i make the corner twisted right always when you do y perm</p>
<p>I have done 2 blindsolves now, but neither had either of the special cases. My first blindsolve was on my first try. Beginners' luck - I couldn't do it again for ages!</p>
<p>I did my first blind solve yesterday and it really worked! This was by far the easiest tutorial out of all the ones i looked at.</p>
DUDE! u are a true genius mi bro!. the thing is i am not a genius! :(
Thank you. I will invest some time to learn your technique :)
Holy cats! I don't even have the patience to try to solve it with both eyes wide open and awake!
please fix your website, its filled with scam and crashed my firefox. i also tested with a different computer for the same result. its quite problematic.
Could you be more specific? It works fine for me.
Wow. Impressive 'ible. It's times like this that I regret that I am merely mortal.
I am also a mere mortal!
this is great for those that can memorize. for me the solution is to disassemble and then re-assemble. in step 3 turn &quot;U&quot; , top row, 45 Degrees, then pop one of the center blocks out. then remove the rest of the blocks. to re-assemble: install the center edge blocks first, then the corners. to install the last corner: turn 45 degrees, remove an adjacent center edge, install final corner, snap-in final center edge. here is a video i found. <br><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy2NtyAzd5Y" rel="nofollow">how to Disassemble and Assemble cube.</a>
There is not that much to memorize for a 2x2 cube! If you look at my examples I only had to remember 5 sounds! Yes you can cheat, but it is no where near as impressive as being able to solve it blindfolded. Also, I think you are referring to a standard 3x3 cube. The 2x2 cube does not have external &quot;centerblocks,&quot; but internal ones.
AWESOME this is what all I can say. <br>
Awesome instructions! You have a very interesting hobby.
is this witchcraft?
how..how...how did you do that??!!!

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