Introduction: Solving the Axis Cube (Faster and Simpler)

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Hello Guys! This is TheGreatCK! I am going to tell you how to solve an Axis Cube.

The Axis Cube is a twisty puzzle in cube shape. But as it has unequal divisions, the mixed axis cube will not be in the cube shape. It is also referred to as the Ghost Cube.

An Axis Cube is EXACTLY like a 3X3 Rubik's Cube; if you look at it from a certain angle. Look at the images if you don't understand.

I am going to give only 2 steps as guidance for you and then you can solve it on your own. These two steps are taken from my 'Solving The Rubik's Cube (Faster and Easier)' instructable. No things are copied.

So, good luck!

Step 1: Spotting the Centers

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An important part of the solving of any hard twisty puzzle, is spotting the center. If you look on the cube, each color has SEVEN pieces of it's own. But don't get scared. In image 1,2,3, I have spotted out the centers for you. And also look at image 4 which will help you understand the design of the cube.

Really easy to get somebody fooled, right?!

Step 2: The Plus

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In image 1, I have explained the pieces and the plus; the first step of solving.

Step 3: A Little Help With the Last Layer....

Picture of A Little Help With the Last Layer....

The last layer (top layer) CAN be confusing even for experienced cubers. One wrong move can take you back to square one.

So, to make it easier, we will use the beginner's method completely to avoid 'mishaps'.

Go to this link for the most easiest beginners' method. Also look at the pictures I have given here.

I hope this has been useful for you.

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justshack (author)2017-09-29

I am stuck with the middle cubes. I can get everyone of them rotated correctly apart from the last layer one. Mum and dad don't like me pulling them out so I'm stuck :( ! Can you give me an algorithm to rotate it or not?

ओमउ (author)2016-10-13

it is awesome

TheGreatCK (author)2016-06-13

Hello Guys!

How's the instructable?

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