Solving the Pyraminx (Faster and Simpler)





Introduction: Solving the Pyraminx (Faster and Simpler)

Hello Guys! this is TheGreatCK!

In this instructable I will show you how to solve a pyraminx faster and easier.

Things needed-

  • A pyraminx
  • A notepad (optional)
  • Calm Mind!

Steps are really less and small-

  • Step 1- Turn Corners (no algorithms maximum moves-4)
  • Step 2- Determiners (no algorithms maximum moves-10)
  • Step 3- Middlepieces (6 algorithms maximum moves-30)

So let's get started!

Step 1: Turn Corners

In this step you will turn the corners in a matching position like the images given.

Very Easy!

Step 2: Determiners

In this step we will place the determiners; that is the pieces given in Image 1

Here you can move any of the sides and get these (image 1) in place. Never mind the corners, after you've placed all the determiners, you can again adjust the corners.

Move anything, but get the determiners and the corners in place.

After this step your pyraminx will look like this (image 2).

Step 3: Middlepieces

This is the main step....

In this step we'll bring the middlepieces (image 1) in place. For this I have made a way to identify turns-

  • R (image 4)
  • L (image 3)
  • T (image 2)

These both too have types-


  1. Rf (Move R forward)
  2. Rb (Move R backward)


  1. Lf (Move L forward)
  2. Lb (Move L backward)


  1. Tr ( Move Top Right)
  2. Tl (move Top Left)

So, to bring those middlepieces in place, follow images~

So there! hopefully you've done it!

If you wanna buy my pyraminx (which is in the images) from ShengShou cube company,Click Here (on Amazon)

Feel free to write any comment or question below!



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